forestry suppliers inc

I get that phonebook too. They have a lot of cool little gizmo's. From what I noticed, its more geared toward the logger, but does stock arb stuff.
Cool! I've got one of those Leatherman knives that your link opens to. I'd rate them medium quality for a knife. Not comparable to my Black Gulch that unfortunately went through the washer and dryer one to many times.
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all my knives have been through the wash! the dryer was clunking bad so i opened it up and found a pair of dykes last night!
Someone needs to wake that place up to the fact that they aren't carrying Jerry's books. What's up with that?
My knifes rarely make it in the wash, my 556 (Benchmade) made it through the wash and the dryer last week, still attached to the pocket.

My 5000SBK nor the 175 have been washed, but it's inconceivable that it could hurt them.

On topic, I flip through the catalog (haven't recieved it yet) but I have never placed an order from them.

ETA: Actually we have ordered 2 dribbles from them and 2 counters.