Ever ride a Segway?


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Mar 7, 2005
Western Oregon
My wife and I had a fine time visiting old friends down in Austin, a wedding for their son was in the mix, but we did lots of fun things.

I enjoyed the heck out of our tour on Segways...too much fun! I was really impressed with how easily we learned to operate them, how confident you quickly become...the technology is awesome, and super intuitive.

Anyone else ever get to ride one of these babies?

Here's a pic or two that I took.


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I rode the off-road version...you can see the diff in this pic.


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Ive riden one (also they off road version) and they are a blast.
heres some housers on the 4 wheel drive model in Mpls 06

Tophopper, Leon, and GGood

There so much fun I bought one


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If you have the extra $75 to $100 rent one, take a friend. they are too much fun. I describe it like land skiing
Burnham you probably drove the new ones with the pivoting stick steering, even more like skiing much nicer then mine, with the old style throttle type steering
Oh man, great pictures Dave!

I believe the one of me was inside the beer garden, and Im pretty sure Id had a few!
I rode Dave's defender of the trowsers as well. It seems I had to make a potty run to a bathroom a mile and a half away, all up hill.

In low speed I want to say it was limited to 7mph, in high I think 15 was its max.
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I did ride the new version with the swing stick...really incredible manueverability. Spec top speed is 12 mph...but I'd be amazed if someone somewhere hasn't hopped one up to higher performance :evil:.

I think it would be a blast to have one, but they really are an urban animal imo...not particularly suited to my lifestyle and location.
youd have a saw scabbard and wedge pouch hung on it! i can see you widening trails a little:D
Burnham, if you get the XT version you could run er on the trails. its supposed to go 4 hrs ~ 24 miles.
Hell here in the flatlands I only get about 3hrs to a charge ~ maybe 15miles. You probably do double that each day just hiking in hill country
Cuz you aren't supposed to ride a bike on the sidewalk right? Or am I full of it? I thought with the speeds they go there would be conflicts with pedestrians.
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You ride them anywhere you would walk, Steve. So not down the freeway in the fast lane, would be my guess :D.

Sidewalks for sure...that's where we rode them the most.
Sweet. Just came down the freeway in my bucket truck, didn't see any segways, so everyone is where they are supposed to be.:)