Ebay boycott

Sounds like Ebay has become worse than ever. I stopped "ebaying" shortly after they went public.
Some times you can get a good deal from e-bay,often not.You about have to really know what something is worth before you bid.I've seen used stuff bring more than the same new.
I remember when you could find all kinds of gems on ebay. Not no more. I sell saws on there every so often; mostly because people go apeshit over them and you can get ridiculously high prices for them.
I sold a couple of things on there OK. I was pretty disappointed with trying to sell my old '51 ford F-3 on Ebay. I got two offers one of $200 and one for $250 and Ebay charged me $50 or so. I put it out in my driveway with a for sale sign on it and got $3600.
You have to remember what you are trying to sell. You can ship a saw coast to coast for under 50 bucks unless it's a huge old two man.An old pick-em -up is different.

A bucket truck or something ,the person,unless they are nuts,is going to inspect the thing before the sale is finalized and likely drive it to where it's going.A fifty year pick up is nothing but a hobby and is just somebodies fancy at the time.On the other hand they sell at times and for a price I would have never dreamed they would get sooo,you never know.
I gotta say I do pretty good on E bay selling.

But I did have another big stiff on a purchase last week. $7500 for a shear I had on that the guy stiffed me on.
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I hope that doesnt mean you shipped the part out and didnt get the bucks. Thats enough to get a fellow to travel a bit to collect!
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;) fair deal.
Show me the money!!!