My iPhone on eBay


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Mar 30, 2005
Snowless California
I bought my 16GB iPhone a few months ago. $500 (actually, a friend works for apple, so I got it for $425). A week or so ago they released the new model. Twice as fast for half the price. Tempting. But I can't really justify it.

Then I think...well...maybe I can get $50 on eBay for my phone. That will take the sting out a bit. I check it out, and the old phones are going for MORE than the new, fast phones.

I put mine up. Auction ends this Sunday. Could be fun to watch. I'm hoping for $300.

See it here to follow along.

even newer one out next week....see
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I got my new one, I'm lovin' it.

I miss MadTV... I gotta get cable.
Had a Razor... and a million little pieces of paper with names, numbers addresses, bids, notes to myself. Then the razor conveniently died the week before the 3g came out. I didn't hesitate, took Friday off and waited in line... with 3 really gorgeous chicks I might add.:|:
I've killed three Razors. I still like them though. I would like an iPhone but do not want to switch to ATT.
I've killed three Razors. I still like them though. I would like an iPhone but do not want to switch to ATT.

That was my exact feeling about it. I was really happy with Verizon service and didn't want to switch. I've been surprised at AT&Ts coverage and signal quality though. The 3G coverage is better than their maps show and the voice quality is dramatically better than Verizon, especially talking to someone else on a digital signal. I haven't used it out in the boonies yet though so the jury's still out.
That's a trip. How often do you think that happens with digital electronics? Almost never. Good on ya!
$456! I just bid on it to bump you Nick...

Hope it works cause I don't intend to pay!

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Funny, guys!

It ended up closing at $477. I pretty much can't believe it. That is $50 more than I paid for it. That is more than double a brand new super updated iphone. That is more than a new iphone PLUS the ATT cancellation fees.

The winner wants it shipped to Vietnam. I think it's part of a biz scheme.

Lucky them. Lucky me!!!

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Quite sure I could sell his phone for an easy $200. I saw a few postings on the local craiglist of people claiming they'd pay $300 and some up to $400 for a 16gb gen 1 iphone. I was sketched out about meeting someone in that scenario.