Dreadful News

Not to be a hard ass but.... It was city worker. They are notorious for being asleep on the job
Just pretend that it was your brother/ friend that was morselized and see how well that talk would be "received."
I guess the reporter doesn't know the difference between a chipper and a tub grinder.
I don't care who you are, working the feed on a chipper is one of the most dangerous parts of the job. Just like climbing and felling, it's a ZERO MISTAKES discipline.

It's always a shame when someone dies just to remove a tree.
Wow. Too bad. Makes you stay on your toes. I know he didn't wake up that morning thinking that was going to happen.
Blinky, that's true.

I hope our guys here are talking to their crews about this accident.
Too true Carl.......You could be "hardhearted" like me and not get too wound up even about family members. Death happens.
I think Kipling said it best in "If"...."if all men count with you but none too much."
Very bad,indeed.

I think though it's good to let these accidents be broadcast as basically a heads up for others .

Let me give an example.A couple years back when my buddy's Hi-Ranger split a boom I put the info about the failure and cause of same on here and A-s .As a result numerous booms were checked and a few potential catostrophic failures were prevented .

A "heads up' is always good just too bad it has to to be after the fact .:(
I see that the second clip says that 31 lives were lost in a 10 year period, thats way too high!! I guess on the whole you guys over there use far larger machines, so this is partly the reason. we've had a climber killed recently following a chainsaw accident in the tree, fire crew had to get his corpse down. Even one life is far too many, and these press releases act as a wake-up call to each and every one of us. STAY SAFE!! Work smart.