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Trying to decide wether or not to print up more expensive custom doorhangers or just try leaving cards. Anybody have ok luck with cards?
Hey greenhorn they say its better to door hang flyers. I just hang the mailbox at a rate of about 100 homes an hour.
I can understand how hanging the door is better than hang the mailbox.(From a consumer view, a bit more personal touch maybe is better). I doubt you can hang 100 an hour this way thou.

If I get cards its for concrete maiboxes thats because I cant stickpin the flyer to a wooden mailbox pole . First, I go by the arts and crafs store and get magnetic strips and cut them apart and stick(adhesive is on back of magnet) the magnet to the back of the card then the card goes on the mailbox. Upwards of 175 cards an hour can be deployed this way you just smack the mail box and keep on rolling.

Keep flyers simple and to the point.

Try different colored flyers and doccument the calls off each color.

I've not hung flyers in some time ... I dont miss it!!
I hung close to 4000 mailboxes in Dec. I cut one tree all that month.!

Sure quanity of cards makes the phone ring, but it takes alotof flyer hanging. More crutial to me is the timing.
Start making sure that Thursday is a flyer day.(folks look at the flyer toward the weekend) more likely to call.

I try not to solicit face to face. Meaning if your in the yard (customer) I'll give you a card and talk about your trees.

Securing tree jobs is the most difficult and most crucial part of a tree business as I am sure you know. Advertising is more than necessary you just got to have it. I'm surprised Ive done as good as I have in the last 3 years with little to no advertising.
I don't know anybody that does any of that stuff. And be sure not to leave them in a mailbox lest ye incur some federal wrath.
We use doorhangers, used one today in fact. It was a way to let Mr. Orr know we had been by and done what he asked. We also leave them if we spot a Coconut Palm with Lethal Yellowing.
Do you really walk up to the door and put them on the knob? Or do they go on the flag of the mailbox?

I think it would take some balls walking up people's driveways all the time to put them on the door.
Door hangar with a perforated detachable business card.
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I would be scared to do anything to a mailbox.

Last year I made flyers about this time and then got busy and they didnt get passed out till fall. I hate them.
Extremetrees, you might buy an ad in the local newspaper. They are usually pretty inexpensive. Ours is $30/month to be in the service directory.
Last year I made flyers about this time and then got busy and they didnt get passed out till fall. I hate them.

Proof that it works!!!

I'd go for the doorflyers. People make judgments about you based on what you leave them. If you leave a stack of biz cards by the mailboxes, I'm less inclined to take one. I am more likely to look at something that was brought all the way to me.

I'd be freaking choked if someone hung something on my door. Of course I'm aways out of town but still the same I wouldn't appreciate that myself. I really gotta get my no trespassing signs up. I don't appreciate being solicited to in my own home.
I made up simple door hangers and then using a small dab of rubber cement attached my business card to them. The hope is they'll keep the card if not the hanger.
A few years back I had a BillBoard. It was $1800 a month but well worth it. I had it for one year and the BillBoard company would more it around town ever couple of months.
I'll only hang a door hanger if I see something specific that I feel deserves to be brought to a potential client's attention. I don't just 'blanket' door hang a whole street.
I'm kinda like hang something on my box or gate, let alone my house, which required you to open my gate, drive up past my sheds, walk up to my house...forget it, you will not be likely to get any biz from me. That is intrusive in the extreme in my book.

'Course, I live out in the sticks, I'm not exactly mainstream, so I might be off the charts here :).
Thanks man, I've found that if you present it to your potential client base nice and simple..........they more often than not at least call you. Oh, and please change your avatar will ya, she's really starting to do my head in.