Connection Speed Test

My last result from there dated 6/24/07 (3 weeks ago). My DSL used to be faster but it seemed to take a big hit right about the same time I signed a 2 year deal in order to get a cheaper price. I'm about ready to get cable even though I don't even watch tv.

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This is just a basic 17.99 package with Verizon
After you get your results, scroll down on the page and there's a little box on the right with the code. It looks just about like the Youtube code thing where you can copy the code to embed a video.

got everyone toasted.....trouble is, comcast has been down a lot lately.....I saw four trucks just up the street Sunday....
wow, RB that kicks butt! must be all those coffee shops / internet stops... or Mr Gates has some pull with Seattle internet speeds.. :) lucky you!
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clearwire sucks
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The real test is how fast it downloads something and if I down load a printer driver from HP or something like that or a song on limewire it downloads at between 40 and 50 kbs.
When you get the results page click on the middle copy button and then when you get the treehouse reply page up, right click on the page and select paste.