internet speed test w/statistics

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I don't know why they want an email address, I'm always suspicious of websites asking for it for no reason (other than to spam me later). I made one up.

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dont enter it, skwerl. I didn't enter anything and it worked just fine. Jeez you are jumpy.
the web site still knows you checked it out, and any good internet/computerlaw enforcement person can track you straight to your home if they want.

No comment about the actual interesting part of the web site; the statistics?

The media conglomerates are restricting total access. Downloading movies for example treads on the cable companies profit margin. Also filtering out 'bad' stuff from the internet.
Cell phones will have this filtering as well.

I dont like to be censored or told what I should and should not watch or learn.

Last night at 11p. My wife and I watched this comedian on t.v. The word frig was deleted, but not the term 'son of a bitch'.

Who decides what is a swear word, and what is not?

It is o.k. to show adverts for ultimate fighting during prime time, but not o.k. to show a Howard Stern advert.

so I gather it is o.k. to make deragatory remarks about women, and it is o.k. to show explict footage of guys beating each other brutally, but it is not o.k. to mention the f word or to talk about farting.

Whats next?

How about school text books:
or this about sex education:
or this concerning the words and terms allowed:
I would prefer to have 1000 channels and pick and choose what I want to see or learn. Not be told.