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Nov 3, 2007
Charlottesville VA
OK so Brandonv pm.ed me asking about an old winch set up I had on of my chippers. I thought that maybe some of you guys might be interested and might also have some feedback. This set up is pretty redneck but worked OK. The capstan was mounted on a hydraulic motor similar in size to the ones on the feed wheels and the rope ran through the pulley to drag brush to the chipper(as you can tell we no longer use this 84 BB100).

I want to put another winch on my current chipper (94 morbark 17) but since I rarely need it with us having a wheel loader and mini I was leaning towards an electric winch which would be easier to set up;. Wadaya all think


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We had a hydraulic winch on a bandit 250xp, very powerful.
I don't like the rope routed in front of the feed table like that. But then I've worked with about 60% idiots over the last 20 years and I'm certain that it would only be a question of when, not if the rope got sucked into the chipper. :what:
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believe it or not the rope never went in the chipper. The ropr from the capstan to the pulley is always under tension when pulling and when we werent pulling we would put it over the corner of the infeed out of the way. I forgot to mention one of the reasons for this configuration was that you could pull the capstan off and we had a "STICKLER" wood splitter that we would put on to split pine etc to chip.....yeh used that about once:lol:
Very interesting. Thanks for the time to take the pics and explain Paul.

Me and Carl were just talking, we might be onto something.
Well Carl has this nice winch I have been wanting for ever...soooo if I can take that said winch, and have it on a quick disconnect to be able to use it between the chipper and mini, it would be ideal. We are going to talk about the idea further, it might work out great.

Here's his winch I hope to aquire. Right now it mounts to our grapples.


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EDIT wont work. Heres an add on-

Like I told you in a PM, the winch would be used sparingly, as I usually have the mini with me. But the jobs where it's not worth dragging the mini too, it would be nice to have a simple winch setup.
The plan is to cut off the bracket that extends forward, basically just leaving the mount for the winch.

One quick connect idea.
Weld a piece of fabbed channel onto the bracket, weld its mate on the spine of the grapple and hopefully bolt another weldment onto the chipper. Use 2 quick pins and of course quick couplers to swap between the mini and the chipper.

We might could get by with a simple C channel for a double single shear arangement, although I was thinking a double double shear (Think of an n sliding inside an upside down m) would probably better handle any funkly loading vectors.

I'm pondering something that could just be latched on and yet still be easy to fab.
pc, i mounted a hitch on my bandit 250 and would put my 8k electric winch on it. it worked well but electric is so slow you would have to drag a huge load to make it worth while. i ended up buying a hyd winch and mounting it and a fairlead on the bandit then switched it to my morbark when i bought that. ill see if i can find pics.

ok found a couple, but not very good and not when i had the electric set up


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its invaluble every month or two. just the fact thats its there and easy to use makes the guys job easier once or twice a week.
we got 5 or 6 chippers at work, and none without a winch... Back saver for sure.
yup, you can see on the bandit a very large piece of angle iron, the bandit needed it. the morbark was heavier so i built the winch on a raised platform. ill get a pic later, its all welded to a plate which is bolted to the chute
haha, nope, our local chiper mechanic built it from scratch. its an eaton motor 103-1040-010, somewhere around 2k pound i think
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hey Brendon, there is no way your pump puts out 1 GPM . get the #s off it and find out gotta be 15-25 but then wada I know:|:
You know more than woodsman I bet. The winch I originally wanted needs 15gpm, so that's why were were rethinking since we didn't think we had it.
Just talked to Bob Engler, president of Woodsman. He said the pump is pumping 6 GPM @2400 rpm. Since the chipper runs at 3000rpm, its getting a little more, but with 85% efficiency.

He mentioned a Koring winch, said to call tomorrow and talk to this other guy, they have a few there that they could sell.

In a month or 2, they should have a winch setup that'll bolt up to the machine. Go figure!