Check this out.-Graehme McMahon

Wow!!! That was incredible! I've done some hairy trees, but that looked just plain crazy. Is there a story to go with that vid?
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There probably is but I don't know the story. That was one hairy scary tree.
the sound track should have been......
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That's hardcore! I like the set up they used with their rigging lines. Don't think I've seen a set up like that. Anybody familiar with how they rigged it?
I have been playing on google earth looking for the Tahune Air Walk. Found it. Look for the Huon river, Tasmania.
Camera work wuzz FREAKING FANTASTIC!!
Watching him work that rotten stick I learned something I will use on a tree coming up in a couple of weeks.
It looked like a pendulum swing drop on some of the pieces that were rigged off.

Similar to what Don Blair, Ken Johnson, Robert Phillips and Mike Majors did on that big leaning redwood back in 2001.

It helps to reduce the shock loading on the line by swinging into the drop rather than just dumping the pieces straight down into the lowering line.