Chainsaw chaps in action

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Check this out: Anybody ever had a pair of chaps save them from a cut? I've seen 1 chainsaw injury on the job, but never actually seen the chaps prevent an injury. It's neat to see how fast they can stop the chain. I think I'll wear mine more often now.
I've had them stop cuts a few times. I've also bandaged up quite a few saw cuts on others. Ugly, ugly cuts. I have a tiny little reminder on my knee of a day that could've been alot worse if it weren't for cutting pants.
Chaps... $125.00

Not having to replace your leg with plastic.... PRICELESS.
I think they are invaluable. Trousers are manditory in the uk

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I knew a guy that was on a different fire crew on the same forest, that unbeknownst to most was a narcoleptic.

He fell asleep cutting a tree.

Chaps saved that guy's life.

Funny, USFS chaps are mandatory.

RARELY, if ever, have I seen someone wearing them on a tree crew.
I would've liked to have seen better results in all the kevlar pants performances. We all know heat is the big factor in our likeliness to wear these pants. I think some of the high tech fibers will be our solution...but this test doesn't bode so well for kevlar!

Vectran time, baby!

never seen them stop a cut but have seen nasty cuts in the woods. air lifted one guy out. i usually try and wear them on the job and make my guys wear them all the time they are cutting
since I dont saw much I wear all the stuff that seems necessary when I do. I have chaps, full pants, husqvarna jacket and I just bought the husqvarna shirt as I wore the jacket last week and sweated my backside off for the hour I had it on...


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