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I have one just about brand new Blockdriver kit w/CD.

I am seeking a qualified equipment abuser/user to throughly check out this device and then write a review w/ pictures included from various jobs the device is used on.

Will ship anywhere in the contiguous U.S.A.

In order to participate as a reviewer, the person MUST agree to the following conditions:

1. Submit the complete review within one (1) month of receiving this device
2. Correctly follow all the rules as stated within this message.
3. Failure to understand the rules as stated, will disqualify the person from participating in the selection process to be a reviewer
4. Must agree to return the device to me (at your cost), or, send the device to the next reviewer, or pay me money for the device if you decide your life is so much better with owning it and you just cant live without it. Exact amount unknown at this time, but all money will be donated to the TreeHouse so it's a good cause. And the cost will be kept reasonable and fair.
5. Must post the review, pictures, and opinions on the TreeHouse, and, publicly agree in this post to assume the responsibility of being a reviewer.

Any takers? I would prefer a high volume tree expert to work this device, and, someone well known and respected on the TreeHouse. In other words, not someone who has just joined and is unknown.

BlockDriver details can be found on the TreeBuzz or on ArbTalk.



ps: sorry dont have pix as it is boxed up and ready to be sent to the next victim, errrr happy reviewer.
Frans, I am willing to review it. I am sure that I can arrange for Matt to be along to take pics of it in use... However, there may be others who do more big removals who would give it a better wringing out.
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You would make a great candidate Stumper!
What I am looking for is someone who will actually use it, and then write about it, and provide pictures. Someone responsible

Lets let it sit for awhile and see who bites... Anyone?

...dont make me go to the TB, I will ya know, I've got a keyboard and not afraid to use it :)
I would be no help, how about it RBtree...step in here
WTF is it? I've never heard of it before. I also don't peruse the other tree forums so I'd be at a loss as to where to start looking. Can somebody tell me what it is, or post a link to a thread that can tell me what it is? Thanks.
Is it that ratchet thingy for pushing chunks off?........Im open to review, what happens if I break the mofo?:D
Well, the guy must been a camera-man before he went to falling trees.
hmmm. I'm trying to think of a situation where this might come in handy. On any cut other than the final stump cut, there are already many options available. Most can be dealt with simply by the choice of cut. The final stump cut can be dealt with by use of a hammer and wedge, cant hook or whatever powered machine you plan on using to load the wood.

Nah, my first impression is that it's a bit too gimmicky and not as practical as it might appear. Although I may be wrong. 8)
Yup, Brian. Franz called me a few days ago. He'd emailed me to see if I was interested in testing it, and I'd forgotten, neglected to respond. After seeing the video, I can only see that cumbersome, two piece device useful for huge wood, the kind that we rarely run into here....and which can usually be gotten down by dropping longer lengths, or craning it.

When faced with chunks that are on the heavy side, I'll cut them longer if there's room....say over 3 feet, for leverage, and enlist ground help to pull them off.
Or cut them smaller, and at an angle if need be...last resort is ripping pieces, which I have done. Some of those times, there wasn't room to drop the whole piece, so ripping served two purposes; make the weight less and to fit the drop zone.

Another trick is to use a pry bar to lift the chunk enough to fit a dowel under, and slide it right off....easy as can be. I've done this when chunking down a tree growing through a deck, at least twice. It allows a considerable horizontal distance to be covered, depending on height and size of the wood.
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so I'd be at a loss as to where to start looking. Can somebody tell me what it is, or post a link to a thread that can tell me what it is? Thanks.

Sorry skwerl, like most folks these days who don't care enough or are too jaded to pay attention, you have just flunked part 3 of the instructions:

"3. Failure to understand the rules as stated, will disqualify the person from participating in the selection process to be a reviewer."

So you are Disqualified from this giveaway.

Dont mean to be harsh, everyone, but it is easy to research items on the internet....all you have to do is take a TINY amount of effort.

I am seeking someone who is willing to mess about with this device and then get back to me and the TreeHouse with a review.

Simple, easy japanesy and no stress.

Or, I will just return the device over to Brit. land and be done with it.

Seems like some folks could have fun with it, and, with a bit of effort, help to school us other TreeHouse folks on the different tree gizmos available today....
I don't think anyones gonna break it, it's very well built from what I can tell. It's one of those tools that, unless you routinely block down 4 foot plus trees, you'll rarely pull it outta the toolbox.

It's like that discussion before about using marbles or some such to roll the big chunks off. Meh... I just cut em smaller and push.
I would do it but I rarely get pieces that big and when I do rip them so the boys can lift them easily.
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Got yer message, Nobivy. Maybe your the one! I want to let this sit for a bit and see how many takers their are.

Wiley_p, I take it from your question that you dont like the blockdriver?

And what is 'poorly thought out' about helping a guy who invented a tree device by getting folks to try it out?
If you invented something wouldn't you want some exposure for it?

Here is a chance to try a tool out without buying it first, win win situation I would think.
It looks well built, just not needed unless a guy is going to take three steps back in production and safety. In order to try it, I and everyone else who has to deal with large blocks in a small dz would have to skip much simpler and and easier methods. It seems goofy is all.