Anyone Salvage Old Timbers?

my father in law salvaged some old barn doors from the old BLM offices when they got torn down a couple months ago
My BIL builds timber framed homes, on the Big Island, HI. Years ago he contacted me here in Oregon looking for a source of large timbers for his construction. I did some research and hooked him up with a firm in Portland that specializes in recycling wood from old buildings, warehouses, and docks. He has been having 40 ft. shipping containers of this oldgrowth Douglas fir, red cedar, and Oregon white oak sent by ship to Hawaii ever since. This stuff has magnificent patina, and works into spectacular posts and beams in the houses he builds.

There is $$ to be made in recycling wood.
What the l are you talking about? -I savage old timber.:D

Seriously, I helped disassemble a couple of old barns specifically for salvage-Primarily for the siding but a few timbers as well.
My Dad's Stepdad salvaged a bunch of timbers from an old oil tank in the Ventura oil fields back in the depression. Used them to build corrals and they are still in use. And if you rub against them you will still get oil on your pants. Redwood that was soaked in crude oil for 20 years now that is preserved.