Any new stuff at TCI?

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Did anyone see anything at TCI that they could not live w/o? I didn't see anything earth shattering. I picked up a hank of Tachyon. The new "triple braid" climb line from from New England. The other new ropes... Samson lightning, the 30% lighter 1/2" with a single strand core and the 7/16" 16 strand from All Gear were fun to look at. (If your into that sort of thing).
I am excited about the new Petzl harnesses. Seems they are finally getting things figured out and for $250 a bargain compared to the other euro designs. Did I miss anything?
I have to agree in part, TreeTrashTalker.
It's the networking & meeting people that is priceless at the Expo's. All the equipment is like, "Blah blah blah... I can't afford that..."
Porty is an art. A cheap tool that is invaluable in the right hands. I happen to be one of those people.
P.S. Tell me.... does anyone really use more than 1 1/2 wraps ??? That's not the norm, fo' sho'.
I will agree about the port o wrap. But the grcs opens up a whole new light on most jobs.

Maybe save an hour here and there but that over the course of time adds up.

Still waiting to get a chance for use on storm damage.
Its a great tool for sure!

A must? I dunno about that! Ive made it this long without one just fine.

A porty suits me just fine.

OK top, next time I'll just leave the GRCS packed up in the truck!;)
Well exactly WHY do think ive made it so long without one?

All my subs have one :D
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Sorry for not taking any pictures. The Petzl Sequoia and Sequoia SRT will be available for purchase in mid January. I went to the show with intention of purchasing a Tree Flex but fell in love with the Petzl. Now get to save $200 bones. My Sherrill rep did not know if they we going to keep any in stock but said he would get one for me when they become available. I hope most petzl dealers will carry them. I don't have a scanner or I would share the brochure.
I agree. It's not as much fun to talk about new toys without pics.
some of the dealers were selling the grcs for..... less than 2300 bucks