A very BIG crane...

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Over the last couple of years here in Windsor Ontario, workers have been building an expansion to Casino Windsor.

This very big crane had been brought in from up north to raise the sign onto the top of the building. This buildings height is 28 stories.

Its the largest crane in North America that can travel under its own power carrying its base section. I'm told it takes 11 flatbed tractor trailers to haul the rest of the crane.

It rated to handle a max weight lift load of 800 000 tons and can reach a max height of 145 meters, (over 450' & under 500').

Now thats one Very Big crane!!!

Pic are not the best but you can get an idea of its size.




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Most of the accidents that have been publicized have been tower cranes Gigi, a different breed.

Indeed quite a large mechanical nugget, 9 axles to boot! Fairly certain it's a Demag AC700, an 800T(700t) crane, the highest capacity crane that is still roadable with the main boom attached.

Out of the 9 axles, 4 are powered and 8 are steerable! It can take on 350klbs of counterweights (7-8 loads alone down here) with up to 477' of boom. In the pics he's "only" carrying 224klbs of counterweight. However, with that 224klbs of counterweight, he can reach out 345' and still be good to pick 5600lbs.

The luffing jib and it's "wings" aren't entirely all that unusual, but what is is the SSL (Super Sideways Lift) "wings" on the main boom. When under load, they offer alot of reenforcement to the main boom, greatly reducing deflection which in turn offers a greater lifting capacity.

Oddly I saw some crane with a SSL or variant working on the drive to ATL. I didn't get to see the crane, only the boom, but I figure they must have been lifting something quite heavy!

I would NOT want to buy a set of tires (or only one) for that setup.

Whadda' crane!
25% of all the world's biggest cranes are now in Dubai (so I read somewheres)
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I wonder what the daily fee for that sucker is?

Sorry Butch, I forgot to mention that it cost $115 000.00 per day to rent!

They were taking it apart late yesterday through the night. Its gone now but they have another one just as big that will lift another sign on the other side of the building that will face Detroit MI.

That crane cannot drive itself. I'll see if I can get some pic once its up...likely next week.

I think that is the one that came to Empire, CA to install a new railroad bridge for the Burlington Northern/Santa Fe bridge over Dry Creek about 12 years ago or so. The cars were lined up for miles with people who wanted to watch it work.
800 of our tons, 700 metric tons, or 1,600,000 lbs.

$115k per day? I'd highly doubt that, even in Canuckian funny money.

Here, a 230ton is under $400 an hour with tax and the fuel surcharge. Counterweights are hauled in at $350ish per load (round trip), assuming it's within a reasonable distance.

A 100 ton is $260 an hour, a 75 is around $200.

As only an guess, I'd figure that crane would be $1200 an hour, including travel time. 11 loads of counterweight and jib bits would probably be a set fee, but the expense might be pretty high coming from the crane's home (I'd bet it travels a goodly bit) but let's say $20k.

Figure a 4-6 guys, the smaller crane, and 6-12hours to get the crane rigged and a similar figure to derig.

So I suppose it's plausible that they spent $115k for the one day of lifting, but the crane doesn't cost that much as a daily rate.

Cranes that size can also charge for the kinds of lifting they'll be doing and how fast they are suppose to make them, coming up with a duty cycle. Harder for the crane=mo money.

The operator's pay, $60 an hour seems reasonable, depending on local.
Spelling isn't my forte, that's for certain.

I didn't know those specs of the either crane off hand, I had to look them up. Didn't mean to come across that way.
Yeah, normally I remember to use it, apparently I forgot that time.

The crane rag:

Some of our other reading material.





The religious/self help/computer books in the first pictures aint mine although I've probably flipped through them at least, most of the rest are. None of the books on the shelf below the counter, just showing we're a family of readers. I collected the "Aircraft of the World" when I was in 5-7 grade I believe. Several hundred bucks, read every card at least twice. If/when I build a house, I plan on having a library in it. Having to store books/magazines in the boxes in a closet sux.
Nice to know someone else reads here. I usually find some random article while waiting around and start reading. I always end up learning something new.

Also, it looks like you have a little gun/bullet (buckets of them!) going.
cool collection Carlos, I feel sheepish now, when I posted pics of my bookshelves I just pictured the plant and tree books. guess I should go dig the 25 or so bankers boxes of books outta the storage unit and take pics to try and keep up with the young man on the go!
Haha I remember that as well! You'd send them to me, I'd send them back with money tucked in the pages to cover postage.

4 years ago, boy alot can change!

ETA: Yep, the crane rag is monthly.