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Just about to pull the trigger and buy one. Any happy 441 owners out there?
We dont have a husky dealer around so not too many options.
Have you considered the 460? I don't have a 441 but haven't heard much good about it.

I am very happy with my 361 and my 46's.
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Yeah, sales guy said the 441 was almost as good and I somewhat trust him. But trust you guys more.

Just need a decent bit more muscle than the 361 for dicing up the larger crotches on occasion.

Tempted to get a 66, then I would never need to get anything bigger but probably overkill.
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think it used to be like that MB
Not any more, homeowner saws typically have an odd number in the middle. The 441 is the 440 of the future, same as the 361 is to the 036/360.

I still like the 460 over the 440/044's though.
I have both the 460 and the 660 and have logged with them for years. Now Stihl has discontinued the 460 in Scandinavia or maybe all of Europe, for all I know. I wore a black armband for a week after hearing that.
This new year I bought a 441, and I love it. It is the most vibrationfree saw I have ever owned, Great torque even at lower rpms and the new turboclean airfiltration system, that Stihl stole from Jonsered works fantastic.... in 3 months of solid logging, I have only cleaned the airfilter twice. Get one, You won't regret it.
I like mine. Comparing it to a 372, 044, 440 it's heavier, but smoother. It does use noticeably less gas than a 460.
440's are no more, rumor is 460's will be a thing of the past as well. the 441 isn't the same saw as the 044/440, Its a good saw and in a few years most folks will never have known what it was like to cut with a 44. if you want a good saw that will do better in hardwood get the 460, I would buy two. I'm getting another one next month.:evil:
Yeah Butch, the old rules of Stihl numbering don't hold anymore.

If you want the 440 (if you can find one in a store somehwere) 460 or 660, get them now. They'll be gone in a year or two, in favor the new 441 design on all of those motors-461/661 on the way.

It's the newer, cleaner, quieter, smoother running saws.....note I didn't say "better." They are good and well-designed, but the older free-breathing saws are hard to beat.

Dave said in a few years people won't even know what it was like to run a 440. He's right. Hell even within the 044 to 440 there were significant differences. The original 044 ran like a raped ape compared to the choked down 440 of later years.
I have a 441.
I like it better than the 046 I have and the 440.

Burns less fuel the oiler is the same as a 460. So it oils better than the 440.
And the new anti vib works great. And the filter stays clean for weeks not days or day like the old saws.

But if you want a old one buy it now they will be all be changed by 2010 according to my dealer.
The nice thing with the 460 oiler is you can go to the high output 460 if you need to. But on the 441 I run a 28" bar and have not seen a need for more oil.
for the money, get a 460... 441 is a turd in comparison...

What du you base that on? I own one of both, and so far i haven't noticed any turdiness when I compare them.
I don't know about a comparison as I don't have a 441 but the 460/046 is a bulletproof saw I can attest to that, when they come to an end I'll definetly be picking up another one or two.
I don't have a 441 but it was my impression that it was a good saw. I wouldn't hesitate to buy one.
I went to a stihl dealer about 3 hours away to buy his last 440 yesterday. And I'm sure glad I did. Although he said the 441 might be the best saw ever made as he said "the perfect saw"
If you have the money for the 660, get it.

You can always get a couple of different length bars for it if you get tired of running the 36" alla the time.