$2500 car


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Mar 6, 2005
The worlds cheapest new car. Called the 'peoples car' by designer Ratan Tata a new factory in India is expected to produce 300,000 yearly. Some economists say the concept has world wide potential & will force other manufactures to follow into a market that has tens of millions potential customers. Analysts say other manufacturers will be forced to follow Tata's lead, either by cutting prices or developing all-new models. The car is a four seater & more fuel efficient than many motorcycles. The car will be commercially launched in late 2008. Is this the future? Would you drive one? Beats walking but not much there except what makes it accelerate, turn or stop.

I kinda like it. :drink:
Hmmmm, bet I could pull the engine and build a souped up ms200 or something.
maybe I would get one to carry in the back of the pickup, instead of a spare tire, why not a spare car? :D
perfect urban solution - but not so good out in the country. I'd rather drive a john deere Gator.

Ed, if you like the Gator you should check out the Polaris Ranger. I used both when I worked in Hawaii and the Polaris Ranger was better just about every which way.
I kinda like the car!!! I k it's about time someone stepped up and did something like that!!
It's only available in India from what I got, I doubt it would pass US testing.
There is no A/C, no radio, no power steering, and no options for them!!! So most Americans wouldnt buy one anyway probably. But for the money, and I am but eight miles from work, I like it!!!
Not as much cool factor as the R1 I think I need, but I'd bet a LOT safer:lol:
What do you do when you go to the grocery store? Pull a radio flyer wagon behind it to put the groceries in?
Too bad that one's probably more like $250,000 as to $2,500.

Those damn zero's sure complicate things, eh hoser.:P
branch doc, actually only 30 were made, one was given to Micheal Schumaker on his retirement from Formula 1 racing and its black, the rest are all red. Cost about 1.5 million euros or somethin actually. :/:
Damn, that's a lot of pesos dude. Still, that's a phat ride!

I don't care how ugly you are, that car will get you laid... even if you're Canadian.:P

Hehehe, I love Canadian jokes.:D