2008 ISA PNW chapter annual meeting

Paul B

I dig hammocks.
Mar 6, 2005
Burnaby BC
is in Boise for 2008... hope you have a sturdy coffee maker OM, might have you some stoppers by! :D

2008 PNW-ISA

Annual Training Conference

Boise, Idaho

September 22-24, 2008
We have a small place but all are welcome. I am usually busy in September, I'll try to save a fun job for that week too. Can I put you down for a large removal Paul?
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reserve the biggest crane in town Darin, and the wobbly man basket, I am the go to guy! HAHA!
I am forgetting myself. You'll be a dad then and have to be more cautious with yourself. No more unnecessary risks for you. You'll have to abandon your reckless ways.
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indeed. so much for the craziness. guess I should focus on consulting now.
I am not certain we have a coffee maker. The wife knows where all the Starbucks are though.
Well I have been listening to lectures at the Idaho Horticulture Show this week in the venue where the Chapter Meeting will be in September. Its a nice place right in the downtown. I am probably going to get wrangled into helping in some capacity for the Meeting or for the Climbing Competition. I would be competing but they don't have an old fat guy bracket.

It sounds like Tom Dunlap will be here teaching an SRT course and an Arboriculture Ethics class. I am not certain if that is firm yet. The city does have some nice trees for the competition and I think we can put on a pretty fun show here. I met a pretty cool climber with a company here in town and he is spearheading the effort to get Tom here. Zeke is his name and he is now our chapter President. He is younger and disgustingly enthusiastic about everything. I like him despite those obvious character flaws.
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most times its the same weekend I think Tom, lemme go check the PNW Chapter site and see if it says whats up.

edit: Hm, doesnt say, I am pretty sure its the same weekend though.
Well its finally here. This Sunday is the climbing competition and the Conference starts on Monday with a field day. I will be attending Sunday and Monday and will skip Tuesday and Wednesday. Anyone else coming?
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Not going to make it, didnt pan out for me. Maybe next year... Have fun!
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nope, however it is in Squishies back yard, a 3.5 hour drive for me I am going to try to get up there fo sho! :)
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2009 PNW-ISA

Annual Training Conference

Kelowna, British Columbia

October 4-7, 2009
Might be chilly for camping! But hell I'm down with a partaaay! Kelowna is only like 30minutes away for me. But if I'm partying it'll either be camper or hotel.

Hell I could probably stay in a hotel there and write it off even!:D