2 way radios


Nov 3, 2007
Charlottesville VA
OK so I did a crane removal today that was behind the house so the bottom 50' or so I had no visual with the operator. Had 2 groundies but still wasnt able to position them to relay signals. Ended up using cell phones:( So now Im ready to break down and get some radios. What do you guys like to use???
Cheap motorola two ways I have 4 of them. Haven't found a good mic system yet though. Earbuds help as they can be used under muffs.
Get a good Motorola set with speaker-mics; preferably a radio that's vox capable.

Plus one on the earbud; just route it under your shirt so it stays out of harms way.

Never had alot of use for radios, but there were times they were indispensible.

One more groundie = one more pain in the ass.
First thing is that it helps to have a groundie that understands the language. I did some sightings for a crane early on, and I thought down meant up :roll:

We use some radios, but the batteries don't last worth beans. Mental telepathy is the answer.
I bought a set of six motorolas and three chargers etc a couple years back on Ebay for like$100. They are great for driving trips, camping, hunting and general tomfoolery.
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Yeah but I had a kid I hired last winter get hurt, I paid all his bills and paid his wages till he could get back to work...:( He was young and dumb and did something real stupid. Now I try to limit my exposure to risk by having more equipement and less help.

Sorry state of affairs but thats how it is.
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Yeah I kept the comp. outa it as I wanna stay in business. In hindsight it was probably not the smartest move as I opened myself up to liability but WTF. My wife called me up and told me to come home as we had "a problem" When I got back his hand was all wrapped up, he had run it into a table saw blade. I asked him how bad it was and he said it wasnt bad just lost some skin. Took him to a friend of mine who is a GP to get stitches to find basicly 2 severed finger tips. Had to have a couple of surgeries by a hand specialist.
so far he hasnt sued......
We have a set of Audiovox radios we use here. They have really good range, pretty simple....push to talk. They have a couple different channels....REALLY IMPORTANT to make sure you're both on the same channel when you start out. (oops)

These are model FR-1438. Bought them for about $50 at Walmart about 6 or 7 years ago. They sit in a recharging base, and have never run out of juice while we're using them.

I would say for occasional use they would be GREAT, but for anything more...hands free would definitely be a desirable feature.