2-Stroke in Diesel


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Mar 6, 2005
Oxford, Connecticut
I have bean reading about this a lot on another site and just wanted to share this with you guys. Numerous tests have bean done proving that ash less 2-Stroke oil added 1oz/gallon of diesel fuel increased lubricity for the engine. This was tried because the new ULSD supposedly has less lubricity than past diesel fuels.

I have bean running Power Services additive in the equipment for lubricity and anti-gel properties. Test show the 2-stroke is cheaper, and has more lubricity and provides anit-gel too. People have claimed quieter running engines, and increase in fuel mileage, only time will tell if the engines "last" longer.

Whatcha think?

More info can be found through a search on www.thedieselgarage.com 's forums.

Just thought it was interesting.
It looks to be cheaper and more effective than the Diesel Kleen I've been using lately. I have a couple extra gallons of TCW-3 mix for the boat that is getting old, I'll give it a try.
Makes sense.

I had a customer who being somewhat of a nut case hated the regional utility company PG&E and ran his own generator all of the time. Well he said that he put his crankcase drainage into the diesel and that the motor ran quieter during that tank of fuel.
I have been using Stanadyne but now I will look for Opti-lube xpd.

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I too think I'm going to try the Opti-Lube XPD. Just checked prices and it cost $39 to treat 250+ gallons of diesel fuel.

Glad others found this useful,


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Just a bump here.

A week ago I added 1oz of 2-stroke ashless in the powerstroke, and the john deere on the chipper per the instructions. I cannot beleive how quiete both engines have gotten, forcing me to beleive it really is lubricating the engine alot more. My truck seems to run smoother too.
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#7 on the list...

1 oz of 2 stroke to 30 gallons? wow, might have to try that. any ol 2 stroke of that that specific product?