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    Suspender recommendations?

    I just ordered a pair of the Buckingham suspenders of tree stuff cuz I'm tired of my tm falling down 61 bucks
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    Who's in Hilton Head SC

    Hey guys is any one working in Hilton Head
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    Anyone want to help me get some ACD pups?

    Im looking for some that in the st.joe area of Arkansas that is headed east. I am trying to get 2 Australian cattle dog aka blue healer pups i have some on who is in Fla.that would be able to pick them up. He will be driving north to NH Feb 22 Let me know if you can help thanks
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    petzl bod how versital it

    Im thinking of getting the Petzl Navaho Bod and using it for a bucket harness and a climbing harness. I now do mostly bucket work but climb once and a while. Right now I climb with a Petzl sequoia.Can I get some input thanks.
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    Ingraving D rings

    My boss received 2 new Buckingham saddled (Glide lite). Before he issued them he engraved the Co. initials and the guy that was getting it on the hip D rings. Does that sound like a safe thing to do? Sorry I spelled engrave wrong....
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    Does any one have a Wii. My wife just got one its fun
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    hi-v vests

    how many of you guys where vests of something of the sort? I do not at Bartlett but did at asplundh on or off road.
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    its 2008

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