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Mar 6, 2005
Burnaby BC
just saw this one on my gmail homepage:
"Dictionary.com Word of the Day - deracinate: to uproot."

Who is next?

so, what person is next?
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Are we supposed to use it in a sentance, or add another word?

How about this one: majuscule:n a large letter (as a capital)

susurrus: a whispering or rustling sound.

listen to the susurrus, it is the sand in the hourglass of our mortality, trickling away and reminding us that our time on earth is limited, and will soon pass away.

Hows that for morbid 'off the cuff' poetry?
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thought maybe someone could add a new word daily or something. let us all learn?
confabulate • \kun-FAB-yuh-layt\ • verb
1 : to talk informally : chat
*2 : to hold a discussion : confer
3 : to fill in gaps in memory by fabrication

We do this alot here!
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Ya got that right!
See Ya
Don't get me started...

lu·bri·cious [loo-brish-uhs]
Arousing or expressive of sexual desire; lustful; lecherous.
lugubrious hymns | their lugubrious aunt mournful, gloomy, sad, unhappy, doleful, glum, melancholy, woeful, miserable, woebegone, forlorn, somber, solemn, serious, sorrowful, morose, dour, cheerless, joyless, dismal; funereal, sepulchral; informal down in/at the mouth; literary dolorous.

On a bad day, Reed is lugubrious.
sang-froid [Fr. sahn-frwa]
coolness of mind; calmness; composure

She climbed the swaying 280' tree with complete sangfroid.
Cp time allows you to be as late as you want to be. Or better yet not show up at all. until payday that is.

At least that is how that is how Colored People time was explained to me by one of my previous colored employees. He talked about how hard of a worker so and so was but he operates on cp time.
Actuyally on a marvelous day Reed tends to lugubrious.

disparage, belittle, deprecate, decry, cast aspersions on, criticize, attack; speak ill of, give someone a bad name, defame, slander, libel; run down, abuse, insult, revile, malign, vilify, slur; informal badmouth, dis, pull to pieces.

Don't be denigrating 'ol Reed now Stumper!

Or in ebonics, Done be dissing Reed, Stump!
This could turn out to be my most favoritest thread yet !!!

u*biq*ui*tous (yoo-bik'-wi-tes) adj. Being or seeming to be everywhere at the same time; omnipresent.
What say you, Mr. Butch ?!?

per·sev·er·ate (pr-sv-rt) Psychology
To manifest or experience perseveration. :X OY! Stupid dictionaries

...to keep on doing something in response to a stimulus long after it's over.