Women Tree Climbers

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In the first video, she was way out on some really far reaching limbs, but there were plenty to climb on and he put them on later while she was in the tree. She had spurs on for the second video of the top coming out.

...Anna climbs. Sweet. I think it would be cool to see more women tree workers out there. There are three on my crew right now. Two of which, I think will be really good when they start doing it full time.
I only know of one in my area that works for another company. I've never seen her climb though. She said she mostly does the quotes but on rare occasion will do a climb. HC
I worked with one for about half a year. She was a new climber (like me at the time) and I thought it was normal for girls to climb.

She did a good enough job.

Oh, my favorite comment from a woman climber:

guy climber hanging in harness for the first time: "oh, that doesn't feel good."
female climber hanging for first time: "i know what you mean."
guy climber: "well try on a pair (grabs nuts), THEN see how you like it."
female climber: "fukc you...try on a pair of labia, then see how YOU like it."

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Yeah, "the complaint" definitely comes from both sexes!!
ive met kathy holzer and seen her compete but never been around a lady working a tree
I've worked with a couple and employed one this year.
I have seen woman struggle with the bigger saws up trees,especially when blocking down a tall stem.
I think having a female on the team can settle the guys down abit (no so much horseplay).
But like anyone,it depends on their personality and attitude.
same as Willie, I have seen/ met Kathy holzer at a comp but never seen a gal working trees. I am betting she is pretty damn good tho, from watching her float through the comp trees etc.
Hey andrew,, why do folks at wwc start the 020 left handed? It looked like she started it on top of her leg:\: Jack starts(trying to stop) a saw that way, now I know where he gets it. After he jerked the rope out a couple a times I told em to stop. GO GIRLS
Shouting "Woo Hoo!" makes it sound like you are new to the game and surprised that what you did worked.
OM - that is what I was thinking. That was not a "Woo-Hoo" limb. That and her work positioning seems very labored.

I worked for 4 months with the female European climbing champ. (beddes'co-worker). She was impossible to beat when it came to running through trees, pruning or especially light reductions.

When it came to removals.......all she brought to the party was a nice chainsaw for me to use. :)
I agree with Darin, our "first" rule is no matter what happens, we act like that's what we meant to happen. Made back in the day when I had alot of greenest of green people working with me, they'd be amazed by the simplest of endevors and show that it was their first rodeo.

...Dang you guys gotta cut a sister a little slack.:what:

No hating from me:) I'd suppose it was her "first" removal, but I bet she's done plenty of trims. I've had a coulpe chicks work for me, never climbed although one did go up in the lift with me. The most memorable I suppose was a cheerleader from my highschool dragging limbs from an oak trim/deadwood. She wore the hard hat and all! :big-tongue4:
That's funny reminds me of my bro-inlaw/rookie groundsmen. Ran the line rigging out a spruce top with me, you'd think we'd just solved world hunger or something. It was kind of embarrassing as he's asking the homeowner, 'Holy did ya see that!'.
I normally didn't have to rig much with them, but thowing big pieces in tightish places was a norm, and they'd go WILD until I made the rule.