Widescreen Monitor Question


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Mar 6, 2005
I just got a widescreen monitor and I wonder if there's an adjustment I need to do with the computer's resolution. Pics seem kinda stretched orrrrr something. right now it's 1024 x 768.

Any of ya'll experienced with this?
Yup, click the Start button and go to your 'control panel'. Are you running XP or Vista? With Vista, you go to 'appearance and personalization' and then 'adjust screen resolution'. I know it was different with XP but I don't remember the location of the settings.

You probably want something like 1280x720.
Looks good! My local computer store has a 24" widescreen that just might find it's way home with me one day. Although it will probably wait until I replace this computer or else my current one dies.
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Why wait until your "computer" dies?" The monitor has nothing to do with the CPU. My rationale for buying this was I wanted a widescreen and my old one will now be available as a back up (LOL!). So I bought it. The crazy thing is this bigger, better one cost $150 less than the old one. Crikey!

FTR, unless you need to be three feet or so from the monitor, a 24" or bigger is overkill. 22" is the max you really need if you're gonna be sitting the normal 18 to 24 inches. PLUS you pay a lot more for that extra couple inches.

Here's the one I bought at Sam's Club.
My current one is a 19" flatscreen. Actual tape measure size is 15" wide and 12" tall. The current so-called 19" monitors are not as tall. This one is about 2+ years old and starting to get some permanent 'shadows'.

And I really dislike Vista. If I were to go spend money on any computer components, I'd probably end up buying a complete new system with a different OS than Vista. XP is no longer available so that means I may end up trying a Mac. I bought my current computer a year ago and it's been a huge disappointment. over 5x the memory and RAM, but with Vista it's slower than my old computer. And it's noisy. And I've already broken the disc drive. And it's noisy. And it's slow.
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I'm sure you could get a bootleg XP version. That's what I have on my new computer. I don't feel guilty at all.
But other than the noise and the broken disc drive and being so slow and the fact that Vista sucks, its a good computer, right? :roll:
Yup, but I'd be more likely to buy a laptop computer. Then I could use free WiFi connections when I'm on the road and have internet access pretty much anywhere.
You could put a remote monitor in the bathroom or wherever so you don't miss anything.
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I have a 2nd monitor already, it's my television. Besides, I don't wanna give up my desktop space.

Man, this new monitor is SWEET.
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The TreeHouse format looks nice, but the widescreen doesn't do squat for forums with the format like TB, check the diff...


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