"Why So Serious?"

Was that Kirstin Dunst? I'll go see it just for her.

Looks pretty cool. But didn't Michael Keaton already deal with the Joker?
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That version of Batman stunk. The new one is awesome. No it wasn't Kirstin Dunst. It was Maggie Gyllenhaal who's pretty cute too and is a better actress.
Ugh, I like Kirstin Dunst.

But if she's cute, what the hell I'll watch it!

And I agree, this new Joker looks kick-ass.
You think they finally made a great Batman movie? Looks like it from the trailer, but it almost seems like the batman movies are cursed to always be corny.
I'll check it out for sure
The plots/enemies are always so lame. Batman outta battle a terrorist or Jason-like character, orrrr something!