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What size whipping twine is appropriate for HRC?
Any recommended places to buy from?

Thanks, Chris
Whatever you do, do NOT get stuff from Robline. It is greasy and twists like crazy. The finished whipping will look fine, but it sure is hard to pull the needle through when your hands are all greasy!

The best I've used is Marlow. I recommend size #4 for HRC, Beeline and any other arborist climbing application. I don't usually use the heavier stuff until I get to the bigger rigging lines.

I have also used some stuff from a company called Liros. I got it off ebay and it was as good as Marlow. However, I can't find it in the US. Oh, it was only available in white.

I've used several other no-name whipping twines and they have all been good. Just stay away from Robline.

I used to get Marlow Whipping twine from West Marina on North in Chicago. 312-654-1818

I get the stuff here at Wesspur from Yale Cordage. It's a good diameter and seems to have a good waxy coating. I just wish they would offer in something smaller than 3000 ft spools!
I use Marlow and i like it, its waxed which is nice (this small spool i'm on seems to have unwaxed itself towards the end). i've got a roll of Kingfisher which isn't as nice to use but all my splices get finished with red whipping (sorta trademark) so thats all teh chandlers had so thats what i bought.

I just ordered this from Knot and Rope Supply...they have a good site, I am going to try splicing some of their small double braid for yoga training ropes. I'll try various whipping twines to unique-asize each rope.

Total: USD $60.75
Order Items
Quantity: Description: Item Price:
75' 1/4 nylon black double braid USD $0.45 each
1 #4 blue whipping twine USD $5.00 each
1 #4 black whipping twine USD $5.00 each
1 #4 green whipping twine USD $5.00 each
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Thanks all. I have placed my order with knot and rope supply.