Whipping the End


Exquisitely good pictures and presentation...thanks. :thumbup:

(pssstttt....#14. then pas under left out an "s")
Who climbs on 3/4" Double Esterlon??

LJ, you suffer from a malady that has stricken many Americans today; Failure to pay attention and read what is clearly posted on the first page of Nick's album :P

"I used a larger rope so the pictures will be clear. This is a whipping that would be ideal in the non spliced end of a climbing line or lanyard."

Nick, I like your directions. I have a few very very minor questions/comments:

On step 9, you say "at end of wraps, insert needle below where wraps began".

Your picture shows the needle at the end of the rope, where wraps FINISHED.

I can understand what you are getting at, but the instructions may be a bit unclear?

Other than a few oddly constructed sentences ("you do need to a solid blob"), I am very impressed. Sure is better than the instructions I learned from in the Sherrill catalog.

Thanks for the great effort.
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Thanks for the criticism.

Carl- if ANYONE should be climbing on 3/4" climbing line, it's you! But Frans hit that one right on the head.

Whoops, I meant to say you DON'T need a blob at the end. dammit. I made the thing all very quickly (maybe 30 minutes start to finish). I knew it wouldn't be perfect, but I thought it might get people off to a good start. I also know there are some photos that were removed (they were blurry).

Lemme see if I can go in a fix the text.

How did I forget an "s'?!?!?!?

Thanks Nick! I've been using the Yale whiplock up until now. I'll give your method a try next time around.
Although I know little to nothing about splicing I always enjoy your threads Nick. You would cringe if you seen some of the disasters I have created.
Nick does a good job.I'm an old timer from the three strand days,the closest thing a submarine had to a bos'ns mate.Times have changed .Now you have half the rope and twice the strength,a good thing.
well put Al & Rumination, about the only thing I know about splicing is double & triple tuck with cable and oh yeah, almost forgot my mighty fine farmers eye, and the wife ties my shoes.

Mostly just a lurker here, but I like nice work, looks professional !!!
A couple of years back we needed a long line to pull heavy cable.We had 42,000 feet of 500 mcm armor to pull in about 4 months.

I told the powers to be to order a 600 foot roll of 1" nylon 3 strand and I would splice the eyes in it.Don't you know in comes a 600 footer of some type of 3/4" Plymouth braided,no eyes.

Well rather than send it out they ordered the fid and the directions .I got-er-done but it took me the best part of a day to put in two eyes.Of course I get paid by the hour so I guess it wasn't a big deal.

Never the less,braided line to this old goat is a pain in the butt to work with but it does make a nice rope to pull cable with.
Glad you posted this Nick. Thought I knew how to do this until I saw this post & your great explanation.
Al, Ironically, had they ordered Tenex,Yalex or similar 12 strand hollowbraid/single braid you would have probably found it easier and faster to eye splice than even good ole 3 strand.
Ha,I had to think of the name of that danged stuff "Sampson".It was a pain in my butt.It would have taken me about a half hour per eye on 1" 3 strand .

I've got two 60 foot chunks of that stuff in 1/2" in the shed.I cheated,wrapped the ends with electrical tape.:D
does saw gas make any difference to normal gas?.

on my split tails i use a backsplice. doesnt look as smooth as when the cover milks you get a loose bit at the end but who climbs on the last 5mm?

The method Nick used is similar to what has been used on lay rope for eons of time.I've seen shrink tubing used on some lines to prevent unraveling.

My brother in law who is is half-fast mountain climber,among other things , has his high priced lines all whipped from the factory.Ha,I've seen that skinny little dude climb right up the face of a brick wall when he was younger.
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That's cool, al. I've never seen a mountain/rock climbing rope whipped, factory or otherwise. I wonder who is making his ropes!

The pictures were helpful in showing me how to make that style whipping, Nick. Today I farted around making rigging slings out of some 5/8" double braid. All I had for whipping was zing-it throwline, it's a bit fat but holds up well. I finished 3 and have enough rope for 2 more. The lighting is bad but you get the idea.
While I had the splicing stuff out, I finished off the rest of my rigging slings. Then I put a nice big fat eye on the end of that 7/8" bull rope I bought.

And I wanted to do something for my sister for Christmas. She recently bought a new fishing boat and I had some almost new 7/16" double braid in the closet so I made her a couple dock lines for her boat. 20' long with a 6" eye on one end for hooking on a boat cleat and I even whipped the other end just to finish them off nicely. We promised not to spend money so I think this will be a good Christmas present. :)
sounds like its a cold winter in FLA... :D good on ya Skwerl, I gotta learn to splice one of these days, just so I know how to do it if I ever actually NEED a rope thats spliced.
Those splices and whippings are just beautiful....I love to see those pictures. It looks like some very good work there..thanks for taking the time to share.

That is a GREAT Christmas gift. :thumbup: