While the tree house sleeps

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What do yall think about grid computing.


Research Groups with a looser role bringing together people to discuss developments within their field and generate use cases and spawn working groups, and Community Groups (restricted to community function area, not yet very common, this description needs work).

Could we all sign up useing bonic softwarez thru berkley.edu? Create a group about trees or digitized photos of trees. While we sleep our computers could be file shareing peer to peer and eventually become a grid or a tree cloud.
Could this help ensure our photographic documentation for the treehouses years to come, and we would not loose our pics.?

Sorry about my off topic ranting.
a Pic. It seems the cure for cancer grid was sucessful in some efforts.


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Good question Deva, over the years I have installed/uninstalled the seti project and helped compute some for them. They have a plant one but its down. They have a artificial intelligence grid/cloud but its under construction.