What's the weather like in your neck of the woods?

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Gary, what? its bright and sunny up here (2 hours north of Gary), where the heck are you?
Its gunna be a high of 57 today and 66 tomorrow! Time to go for a spin on the ol bike. Then its back down in the low 40's on tuesday :(
As Steve said just like a summers day, remarkably mild here 15-19 [mid to high 60's ] celcius and clear..

It should be high 40's low 50's

Guys could you just tell us all where you are ?

Me, BigA, Stevebullman, are in Suffolk England
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Still snowing here, the wind has kicked up too, making the roads a real mess. It's gonna be fun working this week.............:|:
haha, Gary, I guess I am eating crow here, I went out to do some bids, no jacket. second bid the wind kicked up, like 30 seconds later, DOWNPOUR! hahaha oh well, it IS the pacific northwet I guess.
ha, cloudy now, rain stopped though
55 and sunny, wind 15-25, gusts to 35-50 at ridge tops. Got Kite?
heres that touch of rain we had ;) but in the hills you can see the snow line.

ph, the funky white tent lookin roof thing, thats the mall, about 33 yards from my front door.
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Cold, rainy, icky, & certainly not worthy of a pic !
We werked today, Sunshine & cold >>> Can Do !!!
Yesterday was a wash... litterally & figuratively.
Hmm, while I was gone to the big city, Friday the weather was rainy off an on and in the mid-high 50's. While I was on the road on the way back, the winds and rain started picking up. It got down into the low 40's and rain that night. Yesterday, we ended up partly cloudy and a high of 70. Today it was windy in the low 60's and breezy.

When I was just outside a few minutes ago getting a floor vent I had just painted, it was about 55.
70's in the afternoon here, had a day of wind back on wednesday. The trouble with calm weather here is that after several days of no wind or storms the air gets pretty smoggy.