what ads do you see, lays, doritos, frito lay, aspirin, tylenol

Paul B

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Mar 6, 2005
Burnaby BC
just trying to build off another thread's thoughts and idea. if its overkill MB, please feel free to ditch it. :D I wonder if a teensy sub forum would make sense, to deposit a bunch of targeted titled threads without clogging up the entrance to the house?
Tree ads.

One of the companies, FTELL or something. They got Mike Poor and Allmarks crane videos, think they are pulling it off as there own. :/:
I got ads for aspirin, tylenol, frito lay, and arthritis

Maybe someone should tell Mike Poor and Allmark that their videos are being ripped off.
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hm. rolloffbins, rescue equip, ropeworks, harness supply for me here.
You got it man. I've always wanted a small diesel 4x4, and from what I understand Toyota is quality. That kind of vehicle is totally unavailable in the States.
this morning:

tylenol 3 with codeine, aspirin tylenol, frito lay recruiting, potato chip manufacturers

Now I feel constipated.
Ex-Japanese imports are all over the road around here now, kind of cool except for the steering wheel being on the wrong side. I heard that once vehicles reach a certain age in Japan, they are no longer allowed on the road there, so they ship 'em out. Some really cool off-road and performance packages on them that aren't available in north america.
constipation, ex lax, diarrhea, poop, turd, incontinence, metamucil, regular, fiber, colon, enema, colonoscopy, psyllium

Squishy, I'll be looking into that when I get back to the states. Have you heard if the prices are reasonable?
Up here I've heard quite reasonable, but I've never looked into it much myself seeing as how I prefer to drive a full-size truck.

My truck is on propane good for the pocket and the environment. No kidding do some research on propane vehicle emissions, there is no comparison. So I get to drive my big 1 ton redneck truck around and while the leaflickers in their little diesels are scowling at me I'm actually polluting way less than they are, and riding in car crushing comfort.
I've always wanted a little diesel 4x4 like that. I had a diesel Rabbit pick up a while back. I ran it on JP8 fuel samples from work! Only 54 hp, but free fuel man! I like the way they sound too.