Well losing water level


Rockclimber/ treeclimber
Aug 5, 2005
I usually have 1200 gallons of water available in our 200 foot deep well.
This last day it has started to go down and now in only 20 hours is at 681 despite that fact that water tebles are rising in my area.
I think the well pump cut off due to power loss but i still have good pressure at the moment.
I noticed more sediment as the level has gone down.
With good pressure i cannot figure out why it is not re filling .
I cannot find any leaks in the sysyem.
Any ideas appreciated.
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Its been raining and suc creek is a raging.
Its been dry all summer till now.
Rain for two weeks, but ill call the state monday.
Have you primed the pump? Are you sure it is sucking correctly?
How about the filter/screen at the bottom of the well?

Lots to check out, but easy if you do it systematicly....
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My first time on a well .
I dont have a clue how to prime the pump.
I can raise the pump however.
Wait till morning and see where she is.
Something is deffinatly wrong.
Just check to see if the water if flowing out of the pump.

If it is not, then look to see if there is a port on the pump housing that is pointed up.
If yes, then fill the housing with water. It should prime the pump automaticly.

Let us know how it goes....
What Frans said. Do you have a seperate cistern and well? I have a 35 year old water system, if you got questions ask, or post some pics. Nescessity is the mother of invention and as a result I have learned more than I ever cared to know about water systems in the past seven years.
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Thanx for the advice ,
Like magic, its back up to its usual 1287 gallons of available water.
Hey Lunberjack, Maybe im missing someting anyhow i have this filteration system and it has an electronic moniter that somehow calculates available water.
I thought at first it had something to do with availabilty of softened water but after letteing the salts run out and seeing i still had 1280 gallons i think it knows how much is in the well.
It is so weird how it went down and spit out alot of sediment but is back up all in two days.Its a newer well so...
Thanx God.
I don't know much about pumps but I did take a water science class in college. Aquifers are easily pumped out but take a long time to refill. Heavy rains and raging creeks don't necessarily mean the ground water is filling back up. It depends on how porous your soil is. How many days of rain you get will be more important than how many inches of rain you get.
I don't know if this is the case but some times if the well is in the rock [limestone] the substrata can shift ,sanding in the well. If this happens you are SOL because you have to dig a new hole.

A similar thing happened in these parts during the late 80's .It seems an entire series of wells sanded in a direct line about 6 or 7 miles long.The well drillers made a fortune that year. This land set on top of the tremont foundation which runs from lake Erie to some place in Louisiana I think.That limestone trapped a lot things geologically speaking,oil being one of them.

I have two wells,one is around 250 foot and into the rock.The other is at 117 feet and into a gravel vein.Both will pump at around 12 gallon per minute minute ,more if I had a larger pump.Unfortunately the deep well is 7 ppm sulfur and the shallow one is 4.5 ppm bacterial iron.:(
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I have iron, but this really cool filter from aqua clear totally takes care of it.
It cost the builder 3000. and you get salt pellets at home depot 40 pounds for 5 bucks. Last about three months.
Everything is normal today it likely had something to do with the power going out.Or maybe one of my tolets leaked all night.
The pre-filter was choked with 1/4 inch of iron deposits.I cleaned it all up getting very wet and cold in the process hahah.
So i think im gonna get a mini well class from the well man someday soon.

There is another well here about 300 feet deep, but soembody chucked a rock or something down in it it and you cant pull up the old pump.
Im gonna rig some cool chit to try and dislodge it and someday get it functionable.
Two wells being way beter than one HEY....
I don't know if this is the case but some times if the well is in the rock [limestone] the substrata can shift ,sanding in the well. If this happens you are SOL because you have to dig a new hole.

was a driller in this area--was able to pump them out---water down the hole--and suck it backup--dont know how----------------
If he has iron,it doesn't make much a difference in the type of pump.That damned iron just plugs things up.

I had a globe valve that gave me fits. I replaced it with a full flow ball valve,problem solved.