Weird messages when you click something


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Mar 6, 2005
I'm getting different weird messages when I click something. It's doesn't do anything but pop up for ten seconds or so then goes away. I know some of ya'll are getting these to. I don't know what's up but I'll let Funky know.

Here's what I get when there are no posts and I hit the "number of unread posts" link.


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I get a "can't find the phrase, login" in the login prompt screen. Everything seems to be working ok.
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Here's what I see when I lock a thread. :?


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That's what I get when I sign in except it says "login" instead of "openclose". Other than that all seems to be working ok.
I got some of those also when I tried to edit a post. I never seen anything like it on any site. All I could do was just shake my head and say OOOOKAAY what other little surprizes can we get here.

Butch, I know you will get it fixed sooner or later.

Funny though you seem to get one problem fixed and two more take it's place. Kind of like my tree biz. Never a dull moment.
I cannot post a quick reply. I can only post by going advanced:what:
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You do know you have to click the icon to make it open, right?


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Yup, but it was bringing up wierd error messages when you tried to submit it.
The forum is on the Wack Out it seems. I thought it was my puter
Yeah, getting all kinds of funny stuff when I try to post. It's letting me post fine, but the weird messages, well, are weird!!!
my email alerts are not letting me know which threads have new posts.
The subject line is blank and there is no message.
I just got one tonight when I posted. The post showed up without an issue.
on and off I have been getting this one:
"Could not find phrase 'searchnoresults_getnew'."

when I try to refresh the new posts button. close the browser and re-open seems to solve it for a bit.
Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /includes/functions_newpost.php on line 843

I got this when posting. Post still appeared and all was fine.

Seems like a database glitch...