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Does anyone have any good recommendations for a decent web browser other than IE?

Id like something with tabbed browsing like IE 7.

Im currently running IE7, but actually just uninstalled and went back to 6.0 because Ive been having problems with the browser seizing up from time to time. :X
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Id explain but.....
I agree wit skwerl, firefox seems to be recognized by most browsers
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Thanks guys.

I just installed it and so far like the looks of it. It has some minor differences, but I'm sure Ill get used to it pretty quickly.
I use firefox.....I don't seem to have as many problems with compatibility with different websites lately. When I first got it, you'd have to jump back and forth with IE for some page functions. About the only time I use IE now is to check the local cinemas. For some reason, I can't get it w/ firefox.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE firefox. I like that I'm supporting people that came together and said, "hey, I think we can make a product that is better than what microsoft is making...and we can KEEP making it better...aaaaaaand...we're gonna do it for free."

That said, I keep IE on my computer because A- I don't think it's even possible to erase the program and B- every once in a while I come across a site or a video that won't load on firefox so I have to resort to IE...but just for that site.

After you use firefox for a little bit, start looking at their add-on. I used the Colorful Tabs and Swift Tabs.

The other cool thing about Firefox is you can change the way it looks. I've got mine set up with a Macintosh theme because it takes up the least amount of room on the screen, so I can see more of the browser window. Lots of other themes, extensions, and tweaks you can do. Like Nick said, check out the Add-ons options under the Tools menu.
Firefox is the way to go man. The best part about it are all the different add-ons. I use the cooliris pic viewer all the time. Theres a cool video download tool that will let you save videos off of youtube, google, or any of those video viewing sites. Theres a PDF download, a gmail notifier(which is nice if you use gmail), and even a download status bar. Thats just what I use, but there are tons to choose from.

I haven't used ie for years.
I use Firefox and except for some videos which need IE. My new Motorola Q9h smart phone has Opera, which works far better than IE Mobile which was in my previous smart phone.