Wanting a new bar

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Yep, that is the one.
Some 70 grammes heavier than Stihl ( I put both on the kitchen scale) and doesn't last as long.
But with the hours you run saws, that is simply not much of an issue.
They are half price of the Stihl ES light bars here and last more than half as long, so I buy them.

For 2 and a half ounces difference...not bad, I think. Under 10 percent difference, maybe? Do you recall the total weights of the two bars?

You're right, I'll almost certainly never wear another bar of any brand out, at this point in my life.
I'm not an old timer, but I use the Pferd tool also. Technically, mine's Oregon branded, but it's clearly made by Pferd.
Reminds me a lot of ripping rounds, generating the same long curly cues from a hardened bar.

Evidently Burnie don't believe in human fallibility in achieving perfect 90 degree angles....

Yu fuggin dinosaur.!

I'll be looking forwards to hearing how you like it.
I bought 10 of them in December, and 2 rolls of chain, because my dealer warned me about the coming shortage.
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Bar and the chains arrived this evening. All looks as it should. I'll dress up the 361 soon and post a picture. I have a little dead Doug fir to fell and buck into firewood, so that will be the first test.

@BIGTWIG, Frawley's saw shop came through perfectly. Thanks again for your input. For anyone looking for Oregon products, their website was easy to use and informative about their offerings. I'd do business with them again, no problem.
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In addition to the new bar, I changed out the very large dog set that I'd modified from an 038, back to the double dog set Stihl offers for this model. The large dogs did steal quite a bit of bar length...not as big a deal with the longer bar.

Here's the thread on that story. Pics to compare.
More on dogs | The Tree House (masterblasterhome.com)

light weight bar 005.JPG
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I ran the 361 yesterday, just a halfish tank of fuel to fell, limb, and buck to firewood lengths a recently dead 12 inch dbh Doug fir about 60 feet tall. I like using the VersaCut bar very much, thanks @stig for the recommendation...it balances much better that the old 25 inch Stihl Rollomatic ES, as expected. Time will tell on the wear factor, but as has been noted, it's unlikely to wear out at the level of use I'll be giving it from here on out in my lifetime.

The Oregon chain stretched more than any Stihl chain I've used, ever. Only the felling cuts and a few bucking cuts before it needed to be tightened. But thereafter it was fine, and by the time I was done it was still adjusted properly for tension.

This was pretty undemanding cutting, for sure. I'll be interested to see how it goes in bigger wood.

On the up side, it cut quickly and smoothly. So I'm satisfied so far with the chain, if not overwhelmed :).
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Thought I'd update my feedback on this Oregon chain. After some much more demanding cutting, I'm still not getting any excessive stretch. After that initial bit of use brand new, it's acting pretty normal on that score. Cuts well, smooth, sharpens easily. Holds an edge in 15 to 24 inch Douglas fir as well as anyone could really ask for. I'm more than satisfied with this chain.

The Oregon Versacut bar is very nice. Not a single complaint. Light enough, and this 20 inch bar is a perfect match and balance on the MS361.
I am a fan of those bars too. Always used a lot of Oregon chain because of madsen’s 2 for one pricing and was happy with its filing characteristics and cutting in clean wood, but recently discovered the rumors that stihl holds an edge better seems to be true. Files harder too but I have a grinder. I bought some once used rental saw chains on eBay, good value if you can sharpen.