Used Double Braid Splicing


Jun 25, 2007
Melbourne, Australia
Hey just wondered if i wanted to put a splice in the end of my blaze rope should i use the used double braid splice or just standarad class 1?
Yes, and yes. You use the Class 1 Double Braid Splice. And expect to have your work cut out for you. Used double braid climbing lines are a real pain to splice.

Class 1 just indicates what the rope is made of (nylon or polyester), and double braid indicates the style of construction.
Jim- I've only perused the special used directions that Samson has, and it was a year or so ago. I think the only big difference was the tension that have you put on when running the splice home.

Have you done a side-by-side comparison of the directions to see if the measurements are the same? Let us know what you find!

Putting tension on it helped me alot with that PI. I would tension it abunch, try milking it. Then I would let most of the tension out and try milking it again. After a few cycles, it worked, and I just used the regular sampson double braid directions.
I've done some used blaze and found that the original instructions were fine. a bit more work but i massaged, milked, bent and hit a bit more. i got there in the end just it wasn't as nice as new rope.