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Mar 6, 2005
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Wanted to let you know that butch is okay, but the bayou got pounded hard by gustav. In terms of infrastructure, this storm was much more destructive than even Katrina. More than half the state is still without power. Largest mass evacuation in the history of the country. The reason nobody died this time is because now we have a grown man with an actual brain for a governor.

Butch has power, or at least access to it, but no internet. I just got the internet back and was kind of stunned that it came up.
"The reason nobody died this time is because now we have a grown man with an actual brain for a governor."

And Michael Brown is back home injecting Thoroughbreds with amphetamines!!

Glad ya'll - or some of ya -made it through okay. It was a drencher and a creeper.

Coming back from Oklahoma Monday I passed countless convoys of utility trucks from Iowa, Dakotas, Missouri, etc. They be comin' your way to help get things lit again.
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Yeah man we are very grateful for the tons of support we have gotten from the other states. In fact it was an okie crew that restored my power.

And oak, the difference was that jindal had actually read the state CEMP and did what needed to be done. So we had the guys working their plans weeks ahead of time and a timely disaster declaration that allowed the feds to move in their prepositioned troops.

And yeah it was good not to see him crying on tv saying "yall pray!" when the storm hit.
Thanks for the update, nice to know the boss will be coming back!!
Thanks Doc! Hope ya'll all pull together, and get through this. At least MB can't complain about no work. Sheeze, now he will be complaining about to much work!
Must still be some work to be done for a climbing/craning primadonna such as the boss man.:P

Glad to hear you guys are pulling through ok. Good luck with the clean-up.:)
hahaha, V, he told me he don't do cleanup. He hasn't worked all week :D

What the DUCK :?

Some one needs to go down there & show him how you make money forking that stuff out to others. Both parties can make out well.
Yea, as soon as his stomach starts growling and he needs some coin to fill it!
That is sort of the problem after a storm like that...the amateur choppers generally create a shitshow...After hurricane Bob 1985 , Cape Cod hospital reported chainsaw cuts and bee stings were the top customers...
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my internet went back down right after posting here last night. Butch still has nothing.
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I'll keep this thread updated until butch is back on. Yall feel free to PM me to report any problems until that time.
Doc, the site was down for about the last two hours for me, just a blank screen URL error message. Seems ok now though.
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V, yeah he told me last night he was working today.. Its overcast here now.

Paul, yeah, I was getting that error too. Whenever we see those I assume its a problem with our host. They always seem to right themselves within a few hours.
yup, thats what I figured.
so are you working during the issue Doc or are you staying home with the family?