two way radio communication


Oct 17, 2006
hartsville, sc
How does everyone work their two way com units. We have been running earbuds and ptt mics. The earbuds get uncomfortable after awhile.

Is the lite com that Sherrrill sells worth all the bucks?
Same here. Earpiece and ptt. I only use it occassionally on crane jobs when I have to work in the blind. They're kind of a pain but useful in certain situations. I can't justify spending the money for Peltors.
I use the lite coms....thier OK(i have 3). I would have spent a bit more to get the Pro version, which has shielded channels. There are a couple other versions as well, can't remeber thename though.
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Are the lite coms any heavier than your standard earmuff?

Tell me more about why they are just ok.
Jus a little heavier. The biggest drawback is interference sometimes. They have five channels. If you are near some types of baby monitors. I have know idea if they can hear you ........hope not. The pro model costs about 150 more but the channels are gaurded. There was a thread at the TB about the other brand, which I cant remeber though. They still work great when you need....mostly on crane jobs or blind winch pulls:D