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Aug 25, 2005
Ceres, CA
Truck engine problems West Coast Version. As you guys know I also have a truck with a Detroit 8.2L engine that is blowing exhaust gases into the cooling system. It also got water in the oil and leaked water onto the ground from inbetween the head and the block. Putting a block sealing stuff into the water temporarily solves the last two problems. This is a replacement motor for which I paid $4500 for about a year ago. It made it about 60 days past the warranty. It has been limping along for many months now and I finally made up my mind to convert it to a Caterpillar motor. Yesterday I picked up a 3208 motor that has 120 hours on it. It was an emergency fire pump motor for a local cannery. I now need a donor motor for the exhaust manifolds and various other parts to convert it from an industrial application to a vehicle motor. I put my request on Craigslist and am going to look at a motor on Sunday for 500 dollars which was in an F-7000. A friend of mine gave me another 8.2L motor but it has injector problems and it seems to have a lot of blow by. Here is a picture of the 3208 when I picked it up yesterday.
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Here is the picture.


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Good luck with it Steve. I also discussed swapping over to a Cat diesel when I got my replacement motor last year, but was told that it would have been $2-3K more expensive than sticking with the Detroit. Although at this point it's looking like it would have been a better choice in the long run.
Ha Steve.

You'll also need the brackets and such for the alternator(s) and such, the fly wheel might be different as well.

Good luck!
It might be cheaper to buy a newer used Cab & Chassis and swap the Aerial lift over to that.

Just a thought
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Ha Steve.

You'll also need the brackets and such for the alternator(s) and such, the fly wheel might be different as well.

Good luck!

Yes LJ. The powersteering pump and the fan assembly, and whatever else I haven't thought of. The 3208 has the water pump mounted real low so Cat puts a separate fan about 6 inches above the water pump with dedicated belts and a belt pulley on the crank with a couple more grooves. That's why I want to get a donor motor that has all the stuff so I won't have to hunt these things down indivually. That's the plan anyway. The bellhousing has the same mounts as the Detroit and the front mount is the same so I won't have to do any motor mount engineering. I will most likely have to do something to get the fan to line up with the radiator and shroud. If it gets too difficult there I might put electric fans in it. The donor motor that I am going to look at tomorrow in Tracy has an allison auto on it so if I get that I may use the automatic trans that my buddy gave me. As I wil have the flexplate and the right stuff to bolt the torque converter to. Do any of you guys know if when you run a PTO off an automatic transmission if the power goes through the torque converter. If so, would that mean that the PTO would/might stall at low rpm?
I'm thinking the PTO runs off the torque converter. In order to engage the PTO, you set the brake and put the vehicle in gear to stop the torque converter. Then you engage the PTO and then you put the truck back into neutral.

When the PTO is engaged, you can stop it by putting the truck in gear again. This tells me it's running off the torque converter.
Steve, I wish like heck there was an easy way to get my truck out there to you. If I go through with the purchase, I may end up sitting on this old truck for months on end with no buyer in sight. It would be a great donor vehicle for you and I wouldn't have to worry about somebody killing themselves by abusing or overloading the bucket.
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That would be great but, alas there is too much distance between us. Your truck sounds interesting. I haven't seen any like that around here being used in trees only the power company linemen rig. Their truck is like yours only bigger, on a 3 axle chassis.
Steve you already own one of the best brand of lifts in the industry. Nothing has the speed and nimbleness of an Aerial Lift:thumbup:

Like i said before, rear mount it and you will reap tons of benefits in height and set up options.
Steve you already own one of the best brand of lifts in the industry. Nothing has the speed and nimbleness of an Aerial Lift:thumbup:

Have you ever heard of the matt3 bucket truck?
It has an extendable boom which allows you to penetrate into the canopy
it gets you closer to the tree. with a behind the cab mount your always 10 feet further away than nosing in.
A true rear mount, (mounted behind the rear axle) will gain you 5 or 6' in height by not having to tip forward over the cab to reach optimum height.
Yes, tou could park sideways under the tree and accomplish the same thing, but then you are working over your whole truck.

Having it rearmounted gains you valuable work space behind the truck that is free from having to work overtop the truck.
The Mat3 is a hulking brute. The lower boom does not go over center and I don't think the upper boom goes over center. Its the old washed up Hi Ranger unit with a telescoping boom. Obviously when Altec bought Hi Ranger they stopped producing the Hi Ranger as it was and let the patents expire allowing Mat 3 to modify the design.

The Aerial Lift has been around since the 50's it is time proven.
Frans, the MAt 3 is technically a center mount.

This is a true rearmount,


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