Todays tree

Use iphoto . your phone will sink up and load the pic's into your library. click file /export photos selected file export pic kind jpec when quality medium or small. then export.

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cool thanks Travis! Now watch out I can finally get pics up! The one above is how we chip brush now. That god awful mess of brush was set there by a crane as there was nowhere to set chip truck, pulled it all apart and chipped it in about 1/2 hour in 90degree heat. I love my wheel loader!!
Here is the Macintosh window which shows when you are in iphoto and select a picture you want to put on the TreeHouse.

First, select a picture. Then go to the top of your screen and under 'File' select 'Export'.
The window will pop up. The same window I have posted here.

With this window you can 'scale' the picture to whatever size you want.

on 'Format' select what type of image you want; JPeg etc. Then select 'Export'. It will ask you where to save the image. Tell it to save it to your desktop. Then you can bring it to the TreeHouse.

Hope this helps


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what version are you using? I'm on 7.1.4 my window looks like this.
It has less choices then what yours shows. With this version you can do slide shows in the app. and with front row. Cool thing to show the in-laws pic's of the kids.



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