T REX car of future claims 300 mpg

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top hopper

Anyone seen this yet?


I heard about it last year I believe, $30k was the price I heard, for sale only in Cali.

The commuter version (300mpg) is enclosed.
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If you were rich? $30k?
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True. I wouldn't want to get into a wreck in one. But for 300 mpg you could drive across the country on 10 gallons of fuel.

It would be the most efficient "toy" you've ever had.
OK, OK... I this one works. Screw the mileage...

"It could only come from a country where drugs are legal!"

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Wonder how it can get 300 mpg on a 50 mpg motorcycle engine?
Probably that electrical motor that's helping out although I think you're combining cars's atributes.

The T-Rex was on Discovery or TLC a few months ago. Kinda neat, but pretty much useless for me.
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The T-Rex is a different animal than the Aptera that gets 300mpg.

My mistake. The Aptera gets the 300mpg. It basically runs all electric, the only thing the gas engine is for is recharging.
This looks like a little more fun! The Extertec SPYKSTER

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