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Sep 2, 2006
...going to the beach with the fam in Oct(NC coast)...will there be any good fishing?
When my brother lived there, he always talked about catching Blue's. Not sure if they are good to eat, but apparently fun to catch!
Which area are you going to, Wilmington?
Peapod is going to have fun!
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further south....should be fun. Blues, Mackeral and Spot. I guesss I got to buy a pole, .......any recommendations. Surf fishing.....maybe a pier
I have always had better luck walking out chest high and casting, than I ever have off a pier. JMHO.
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more fun with kids that way too.....ain't gotta worry bout them falling in..:lol:
Worlds biggest sandbox plus fishing....
I have had the most luck with beer on the beach. I'm sure other areas are different though.

If you can charter a boat, thats the best way to catch fish in unfamiliar water. Just my 2 cents.
you aint lying, those discovery channel specials put a damper on my surf fishing, specially dragging bait and that crap out there with you..
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no swimmin' ......just fishin'
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The shark thing isblown WAY out of porportion!!!
The sharks in Florida,outside of Panama beach, where14-16"long! The rays where up to 4.5' across!
On the barrier reefs, Duck NC, there were no sharks, the water was too cold.
They do this crazy ass "skishing" out there. Put on the thickest neopren skin suits, strap on a bait belt, takle and a pole, then float out fishing for Stripper just using the suit for bouyancy. Then the fight with fish and hope they either don't get drug into a current, or get too exhausted from fighting with a fish, to make it back in! I read where a guy fought a fish for SIX hours!!!:O
Never heard of or saw any shark activity in the Gulf either, huge problems with jellyfish though!
Sharks will be the least of you're concerns!
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I'm thinkin' a crazy 2 year old will be my prob.....:/:
further south....should be fun. Blues, Mackeral and Spot. I guesss I got to buy a pole, .......any recommendations. Surf fishing.....maybe a pier

must not do it anymore as i cant find pics but as a kid this is what we called surf fishing
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What is the correct pole/reel combo for surf casting...
Well, you need a long pole, and a reel that doesn't backlash when you really heave the lure or bait far. A spinning reel would be best I think. Wonder what kind of fish you are after? Need proper weights too, the surf can push around too light weight rad.
I like spinning gear best. A 6-7' rod works best for me, it's manageable. More than that is unwieldy IMO. They have kite systems now, but it's HUGE money!!! You never have to leave you're chair, fly the kite out, release and you are fishing.
Pyramid weights seem to work best in the sand, they bury themselves and hold well. Don't be afraid of two to three ounces of weight.
As a kid in the 70's, my family & friends would go to Point Peelie,(southern tip of Canada), every year and fish for a small fish called a smelt during the fall spawn.

It was a lot of fun. Everyone would head out to the "point" around noon and set up. Tents, tables, long two man drag nets, camp stove, b each toys, etc.

The kids would play in the sand and the adults would relax and have a drink or two and catch up with each others families. All around a great gathering and one everyone looked forward to each fall.

After dark with a full moon shining, the smelt run (with luck) would start. The male adults would put on there chest wadders and head out into the water from the beach. One would be close to shore & the other out as far at the net would reach...or until the water filled the chest wadders!:lol:

The nets could range from 15' - 30'+ long with a height of 4' having a wooden pole at each end to hold on to. There would be floats at the top & lead weights at the bottom to prevent the smelt from going over or under the net as it was draged along the shore (in the water).

When the smelt-run was on full swing, you could fill a garbage can or more with only one sweep of the long net!

With a few colman stoves frying smelt to snack on and everyone pitching in to help catch & clean the fish for transport (then freezers), there was a buzz of excitment all through the night!

Its just to bad that for whatever the reason, the large numbers of smelt are not what they use to be. Its as if they have vanished or something.

I would have loved to have continued the tradition of smelting with my family & friends but its just not to be.:(

To this day, I have very fond childhood memories of smelt fishing. To watch my dad & uncle or whoever haul in that long net with hundreds of 6"-8" fish is a sight I'll not soon forget!!!

try this..

I prefer an 8-9ft. med-heavy spinning rod. no need to spend big money on a rod, I get mine off the shelf at wal-mart (I have some very expensive rods too but for surf casting go cheap) For an inexpensive saltwater reel, you can't go wrong with Penn. It'll cost you 50 bucks but it will last a lifetime. There are new hybrid types of fishing line that are super thin and super strong. You're gonna want to get something 12-20 lb test, the hybrid line in this strength will be in the 6-8lb test diameter, which means you'll be able to get alot more onto the spool and chuck 1-2-3 oz well over 100yards.

for lures my 'ol standby is an acme castmaster, get at least two of each in different sizes, try different ones until you find one that works best.

If the blues are in you're gonna want to use a steel leader, 6-8in is probably best, stay away from the longer ones they'll just f@ck up the lure action.
No sh@t, never heard of such a thing. Guess that an offshore wind is required.

They have remote controlled bait dropper boats over here

Personaly rather than wading out unless its realy hot, i'd learn this type of casting method ''the pendulum cast, you need long rods for surf fishing 12'-16' and you will need to tie on a shockleader

I prefer an 8-9ft. med-heavy spinning rod. no need to spend big money on a rod,

No way! the better the rod , the more carbon content, surf fishing above all fishing deserves the best rods and reels, when else do you need to cast long distances for fishing, good surf rods are essential to get distance.

I'd go with a Diawa 16' longbeam, and a Penn surfmaster 850 reel, not the most expensive set-up but great for what you'll need No Bivvy

If the bluefish are in i'd go for whole pilchards on gang hooks, blue fish are ok to eat , the thing is they need bleeding first, then they need to hit the bbq or pan ASAP..