Stihl HT 75

Al Smith

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Mar 6, 2005
Northern Ohio
In all the forums I've ever participated in there has never to my knowledge much said about these things .

I've heard you can't straighten a bend shaft ,partially true because this one was so bent it was inoperaerable . I scored a partial victory in that I straightened the tube plus the telescoping splined shaft but it won't telescope no mo.

Oh well I guess old Tom the tree guy will just have to deal with it out the full 12 feet ,better than nothing .:)


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Not much to be said. Gutless and heavy but indespensible in certain situations. Mines always on the truck but almost never gets used.
Even if you straighten them out enough to work again, you still have the vibration from the shaft being out of balance. My buddy Dave bent his a couple years ago and it still vibrated even after replacing the inner tube and the driveshaft. It finally got stolen off a jobsite last week so he'll finally end up getting a new one.
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Surprisingly it doesn't rock and roll that badly .It runs a whole lot better than my 200 dollar Poulan I'll say that for it .
I just never cared for them. The newer ones are supposed to be improved. I have used the 4 stroke model it was OK. Kind of weird mixing 2 stroke oil for a 4 stroke.
But these older ones where one of the worse products put out by Stihl.
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Oh ,you know they are what they are .It's nothing more than a little 24 cc weedwacker engine with a saw head on a pole .

Actually even my cheapy Poulan has saved me a lot of either getting out a ladder or climbing a tree to trim it .I'm not a pro at all and only take care of the 3 properties I own plus my moms place .That said ,for what it's worth ,they save me a lot of work and time .
I use mine for palms that are taller than my bucket. It's an old Echo power pruner, probably made in the 70's and my Dad gave it to me.
If it is money making mashines I think it should be dependeble and 100% OK.
No vibration, no pinching, no issues.

For hobby, well thats a diffrent thing..

These are succers to shaft vibrations, even slight vibes will be no good and often lead to more troubble.

It is not the best designs, but functional. They could be better built, but then no one would buy one!
Not much to be said. Gutless and heavy but indespensible in certain situations.

Not so gutless anymore, since they changed the engine to the new 4 stroke, it has what feels like 3 times the torque of the older models.
I had one,used it, sold it to landscaper buddies. That thing on full extension...hard on the back. I can usually do a neater job with a quick climb.
I got a newer ht131, it is great, and the old ht75 was a good machine too.
they can be straightened depending on how bad they are bent. never try to straighten the splined center drive shaft.replace'll thank me.

i like the HT75 a lot better than the 101 or the 131.i wish i could find a 75 somewhere.i'd buy it in a heartbeat.
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I think you could straighten the splines if you could get them apart .Therein lies the problem because they somehow get "twisted " as well as bent and won't collapse like they are supposed to .

On that one I did ,the shaft runs true but again only a frew feet of in /out travel .

Geeze that was months ago I fixed that thing and it's still in my shed :?.No big deal ,I'll use it as it's a better machine than my Poulan .
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Give it a muffler tune and report back.:/:
Oh that little pup is only about 2 cubic inchs if that .A weedwacker engine with a saw on the end is all it is .

Handy as a pocket on a shirt though .My cheapy Poulan has saved me a lot of climbing ,getting ladders out and all that stuff .

No more tree work than I do I can't justify the price of a Stihl .Doesn't make any diff because I have an HT -75 in the shed as I type or so it seems so things seem to work out well anyway .;)