Stihl Air Filters....Again

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Dont care what my local dealer says - the plastic mesh type filters allow alot more to pass through versus the filters that come on stihl saws.

Maybe its the kinda dust some of the local species produce. Either way my new 200 is NOT getting one of those filters . Anybody know part numbers on original replacement fiber type filters for the 200t and 361? Hopefully they are available after market with a diff. part #.

Thanks in advance stihl guys!
Down here in FL everybody only uses the flocked filters. The mesh are good for up North in the snow and higher elevations where you need much more airflow in order to get the same amount of oxygen.

The part number on the 200T flocked air filter is 1129 120 1607. I'm not sure if Bailey's can sell you that part or not, due to Stihl's policies. But maybe call them and ask, or punch in the number on their website and see if you can order it online.
I noticed more UMPH! from the mesh filter.

Yup better airflow, less particulate protection. It's a tradeoff I'm willing to make as I'm from a more northern climate and I cut alot of softwoods so I don't get as much fine dust.
They're made by Stihl, they're the winter/coarse filters, and my schmuck of a dealer has always told me that they, 'Void your warranty'.
...the plastic mesh type filters allow alot more to pass through...

What the flock happened to the flocking?

Both types are sold by Stihl, and the use of them does not 'void' any warrenty.
As I know it there's more than just flocked and mesh/nylon. The mesh/nylon also come as winter or summer with the winter being the most coarse. And it's the most coarse one that my dealer right or wrong has told me voids my warranty. I've never had to warranty a saw anyways is why I've always just shrugged it off. Maybe down south there you only have a choice of the flocked or summer mesh.
mesh here(200) power. flocked on 361, 036. Mesh on 046. flocked on the 394
I quit runnin stihl filters on my 460/660's. Velocity stack and foams are alot better.. Not worth a shit in the rain or snow but I am not cutting that much when its nasty out. plus a new filter is only 8 bucks!
Nope me either, but no good in snow or rain would pretty much explain why I haven't heard of them.
ill get a pic tomorrow evening, im in for the night now. Uses a UNI brand foam filter. Madsens saws, has both the filters and the velocity stacks. They fit on the 360's too I think.. I buy the filters locally for $8. they are little more work to maintain but they flow alot more air and no dirt gets in. Guys out west use them. I was using the stacks and k&n filter on the 66 but i got one of the foams on another saw I bought and like them better..
Those stacks are nice, but require more work, and sometimes they require a taller filter cover.......or none at all.
I have the stock flocked filter on my 361... even with the modded muffler it runs like a raped ape...

The velocity stack type filters are really good... Not sure who manufactures them but they are a good mod for sawas that are a little more than stock. They are popular with the saw racers... I believe even K&N makes some. But not sure if they have to have a custome mount made to attach to the carb intake.

I am assuming that Jim is not referring to the Max-flow types that you can get from Bailey's. But more of an open type element where you remove the filter cover from your saw because the stack filter will not allow you to put it on.

nah gary they are different. I just got in so pics tomorrow. late night tonight.....


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yessir I like them. Going to put one on the 460 i just bought. It will get modified first tho.
Ahhh, I can understand why those are not seen in my field...fragile, and as you say, not able to handle moisture. I couldn't run something like that for any time at all before it would be torn off. Good pics, thanks.