Starting a new tree service FAST !


Mar 7, 2021
Chattanooga Tn
When we started our tree service in 1996 it was out of necessity for a job.
Fresh out of prison for a 4 year auto theft charge I applied MANY times for jobs, always telling the truth on apps about my felonies. After many applications and no job I was about to give up and go back to what I Yet, I DIDNT want to ever risk my freedom again.
So ,I prayed for guidance and help. I asked God to help me find a job fast, as I had 2 kids to feed and struggling for money. Not expecting a reply I continued with the applications.
After a while praying one night God spoke the words Ill never forget to me, "Create a job Michael."
This was chinese math to me. I had NO CLUE how to create a job.
So, I studied a job I could create FAST to make bills. I came up with CHEAP LABOR. You supply the brains, I supply the back. $8.00 an hour cash, paid daily. I listed many things I could do from yardwork to painting, etc...
Within 2 weeks I was covered up and backed up another 4 weeks, so I went up on price to 10.00 an hour with 2 man minimum, 8 hours minimum. Again, blew up and was booked 4 weeks out. By the time 90 days ended, I had 10 employees making 8.00 an hour, and I charged 12 an hour for each. I was running a redneck uber all over town and collecting money. lol
It blew up faster than I could keep up with. Thank God.

So here I am on a small landscaping job. Lady asks me to look at 5 small pines beside her home. "Can you remove them"? I said yes, but honestly didnt have a clue how much to charge. She knew. She said the last guy said $1800.00, CAN YOU DO THEM FOR THAT? Of course I can, I said. But I needed a few days to get caught up. I scheduled it a week out. Then went on a hunt for a man that could climb the trees. My hardest challenge. I soon found tree services DONT loan their climbers or even give you their numbers to ask to climb for a day.
I was determined though, and called hundreds of people and businesses.
Finally 1 man agreed to come see the trees, a hotshot climber who climbed for many tree services. He looked and said he HAD TO HAVE 250 to get them down. Not a penny less.
We agreed, worked the job, and done/ paid within 2 hours. I paid the climber $250, laborer $50, and pocketed about $1400 after dump, gas, etc...

I saw $$$ signs and started selling trees. Fast ! I was in a market and feeling out prices as I went. Sometimes lost a little, most times GAINED a lot.
But, I saw the potential for a lot of money. This was the creation of And, we never looked back.

This is a very brief description of the first steps to even want to create a tree service. I will detail the building process as I go and maybe help the next man who has lost hope and wants to give up. I never gave up hope in God and His ability to help me. Never, I just hoped His timing was sooner than my bills. And it was, every time.

We created a $500,000 year business and could go bigger, but wont. Small and tight with high volume, is our forte'. Follow us and see how we built and maybe learn.


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I don't think a USA based world wide forum is the right place to seek traffic for one little business in one little city. Why can't it be a legit success story in hopes of helping others?
He’s the Mick-ster thru and thru ... never gives credit when credit is due ! 😎
He’s the Mick-ster thru and thru ... never gives credit when credit is due ! 😎
He loves a drink and you should too,back in the day le sanglier he was banned ,but now he feels clever baiting Spams.

Arbtalk has him on ignore,but now here he dwells the pickled old Boar.
There once was a bloke named Mick. Who fancied himself quite clever and slick. To his dismay, The curtain was pulled away. Revealing an Ol Irish prick !
I assume that is a reference to the movie but I don't know it as well as, say, Dumb and Dumber, to capiche the exact reference...

I think I pretty much know that movie verbatim.

I wonder, did the term/phrase 'dumb and dumber' exist before the movie? It is says a lot in a short space.
C'mon, Gerry.

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"So you're saying there's a chance!" :rockhard: