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Island Girl
Mar 22, 2005
Okay, I am dreaming. Just wondering what island, if any you would like to go to for a little r and r. I am thinking of St. Kitts for next year, with a day trip to Nevis.
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James, that is a beautiful island. The water color there is some of the prettiest I have ever seen.
any of these -
St Croix

I was there in '69 as part of a cruise on the u-boat. I think it is a little less visited than St Thomas .If I'm not mistaken it has an underwater nathional park. At any rate that water is so clear I could see the bottom of the pier pilings that were 90 feet deep in that clear water.
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How come you want to go to a tropical island for a vacation when you live on a tropical island?

That is a question my daughter poses every year. I love where I live, which is why I live here. Sometimes I work to much to relax here, so when it is time to relax and get away, I like to go some place that offers the same things as here. The sun, a beach, fishing..........ahhhhh. Somebody take me there!
Good heavens it's still below zero there in May:O

It's actually quite temperate, very similar to New England. My wife and I honey-mooned there many moons ago for two weeks in May. We had some chilly days here and there but no snow and certainly none of that Africa-hot shit that happens in the south.
Having said all that, my perfect weather day tops out at about 60 w/ a light breeze, so I guess its all relative.
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I decided this week Costa Rica is not the spot this year, it is going to be the Abaco Islands, in the Bahamas. Very much an islander's group of islands, very low key and peaceful.
Looks like we would have to fly over in a very small plane...:\:

This guy has a pretty good site with loads of information on the place.