Squamish BC Logger sports 2008

Doubtful that will be on this summers list. I don't think I could convince the wife and daughter to drive over the pass and down through Whistler again.:(
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hmm. you could try another route, or just come down by your lonesome self, who knows, maybe someone could talk Rotax in to coming up, he might need a lifting partner!
I dunno either way it's gotta be a good six hours of driving. Without checking yet we're already more than likely either going to a wedding, family reunion, camping, or who knows what else my crazy planner of a wife has lined up. :D

I'll look into it though man I'd love to see that show.
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no worries, rotary burger on the line if you make it, just give me a days notice. :D
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Guess I will have to just describe the rotary steak sammich to y'all!