Splicing Zing It Throwline


Jun 25, 2007
Melbourne, Australia
Hey i am wanting to splice my throwline back to together since i broke it the other day. also i wanted to splice an eye in the ends for easier throwbag attachment, would this be a brummel splice??
For the eye splice you can use a stitched or locking brummel. I usually just do a stitched brummel with four stitches and about 5" of tapered bury; then I do a spiral lockstitch with dental floss... minty green of course.

I don't know about splicing end to end, maybe a locked brummel with a nice long tapered bury and a lock stitch... I've not tried that though.
Oh, another lil' trick- I use a strand of zing-it to do the stitching. This just makes it look a little cleaner afterward.

To do my eye on my zing it. i tapered the cord down, threaded it into a needle and worked the needle up the hollow cord and pulled out. I lock stitched it witha single strand from some No.4 3 strand Marlow red whipping twine. As its dyneema i made sure it was 42 rope diameters. no problems yet.

As for an end on end splice, i'd just use a standard hollow braid one.

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Ok well ive splice some up i used the locking brummel with a 7cm bury on it for the eyes, happy with the result ill post pics later on the weekend and spliced the line together using 12 strand end for end and that worked well.
I like an extra loop at the tip of the loop to allow easy bag removal with gloved hands.

Like this:


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I wish I could say it was my idea, but like lots of things I do, I just saw someone else do it. It works great.
The splicing is nice, but I just tie knots. Seems like I'm always breaking off the end of the line one way or another. If it's just a couple knots and a few feet of spectra, I don't care so much. But if it's a pretty set of splices and all stitched and whipped, I want to cry like a school girl got her pony tail pulled when it breaks. LOL!