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Anybody using these. sure look light as a feather.


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i was looking at them the other day.

i know carbon fiber can be used for some crazy stuff but for the price,i'm going to get the aluminum ones.
They are very light! And comfortable. When I got my first pair, they were the shorter version and dug into my shins so I gave them to Gerry B. and got another pair which were longer in the shank.

I really like them, more than my buckingham titaniums
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I've tried other pads too Frans like the Velcro's but they hurt my shins even thou my shin pads are stone age they are most comfortable.

What, they aren't adjustable???
Appear to be made to order depending on how tall the climber is
The CF's are not adjustable, but you order them by their length. I believe 16, 17, and 18 inch length from inside the stirup to the top of the pad.

Anymore, the Carbon Fiber Geckos are the only thing I'll wear.
how are they holding up? i was just concerned with long term durability.i hate to throw something that costs $500 in the trash can in 6 months.i don't mind the money if they will last.
Just sold the Kleins I bought on Craig's List for $60 for $120 to the first person I offered it to. He jumped at the deal. I know the Kleins are heavy, but none of the other gaffs I have tried stick into palms like the Kleins. I tried Buckinghams, Bashlins and Brooks.
i have the alloy ones which are adjustable. Since owning them the calluses on my shins have dissapeared which in my book is a good thing. I recomend either
5 bills for carbon geks, where do you special order them from?