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This is a stone pine for removal.



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First day

This is my first large tree this year.
takes awhile to get started.
Where is that dam flip line??


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Welcome Mike, climb safe bro!
I had an italian fellow bring me a handful of seeds from Italy a few years back, Italian stone pine, I grew them for a year, they died the first winter. :(
We have tons of those here in Los Angeles. I love them. They offer great shade with their wide spreading, dense canopies.

Mike- take some time to get that line set before you head up. It's a good habit to be in.

Was that a prune or a removal?

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moving along

back yard
I try and take as big a stick as possible
Most of the time it works
Yes welding gloves, you never know when you need to do some welding.
I've been using them for years. Work good for me.
Italian stone pine are my favorite pine. Hated to remove it.


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A big one

The owner wanted to know the breaking strength of the rope.
New 5/8 bull rope. Of course, I don't know. What does it matter?
Do you know what the limb weighs? The bigger the limb, the bigger the rope.
I have a bigger rope 3/4 nylon but it stretches. The swing over the fence is tight. So the rope breakes on the back side of the swing. By then it's on my side. The owner doesn't ask any more questions about breaking strength(upside). The downside, is now, I know I have to be extra careful. Haven't
broke a rope in over 5 years. So i guess i'm past due? Never did use the nylon rope. Just made dam sure that the rest of the limbs were smaller than that one.


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Welcome to The Tree House Mike. Tell us a little about yourself... it's nice to know a bit about the person who's in the pics we're looking at.:)
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moving along 2

More work. Dam, is this tree ever going to get done?


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On the ground



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Glad the owner got the firewood. About 5 cords.


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I've been doing trees for about 35 y Started as a firewood guy logging.
Did trees around homes that required some climbing. went on from there.
Never really liked plants, would have never thought I would make my living with them. I do like climbing and trees. No regrets

Late Mike
Nice work! Got'er all down safe and sound looks like.
Nice work Mike. I can't believe that Echo mad the back cut on that spar they pulled over.
Hey nice job Ace! Those Stone Pines sure have alot of brush. What kind of chipper did you use to get rid of all that mess?

Welcome to the TreeHouse!
That sure is a small saw for such a big limb! Nice work Mike! I have never seen such a compact crown, most my pines are slash pines with long skinny limbs not as compact as stone pine. I've seen stone pine once on the treebuzz dude was in Italy I think. It's a awsome looking tree, looks bonzi stout!.
Breaking ropes--, I've broken 3 ropes in over a decade climbing (no harm done) luckily. Those are some large pieces your roping man, rock and roll!
Climb safe.
Welcome to the tree house mike!,
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Ya that Echo 14" barely made the cut Had to start from the other side.
I have 2 small echo climbing saws a Husky 272XP 28" and a couple of poulans for the ground.

When I was in fire wood biz, I had 2 large jonsereds 36" bar in wa. state.
Dam Good saw. I backed over one with my 2ton truck bent the handle back and went back to work. A stihl would have been in 50 pieces.

My first saw was a homelite super wiz 66 24" Very heavy saw. Not one to take in to the brush. Did cut well on the ground.