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Mar 30, 2005
Snowless California
There are so many saddles to choose from nowadays. Buckingham has a couple goodies, new tribe's are popular, then you start adding the butterfly II, treemotion, tree flex, now the sequoia...

How's a person to choose?

I wish we could have a true trial run on one. What if we just had $$ for the treehouse to buy like 6 saddles, then people could rent them out for $50 or so...just to try them each and see what they would like. That would be cool!

Just an idee-er

The logistics of that would be overwhelming. But a cool idea, nonetheless.

I'm thinking about getting a Master, myself.
Unfortunately, not only would we need multiple models but also various sizes...but if you leave out the midgets and the monsters(moi) most of you o guys could swap around mediums (and larges depending on the maker).
Butch I predict that you would like a Buckingham Master...with an added bridge. Really the only thing to DISLIKE about that saddle design is the difficulty in keeping it up and you are already accustomed to using suspenders.
Hey MB, If you've been climbing on the weaver sliding D, you probably are gonna want to stay with some sort of saddle with the sliding bridge. I learned on the saddle you have, and I haven't been able to find anything that climbs any better. The only reason I haven't stuck with my Ol' weaver is the padding on the leg straps.

Sorry to butt-in... just a little comment.
Actually, I started out on a four dee saddle. In my old age I think I wanna try a fixed bridge saddle again.
THIS gives you the best of both worlds. On caveat-The center D on a MasterII isn't the most comfy place to hang from ( at least for me) The rest of the attachement points are more carabiner friendly than rope snap.
Then check out Buckingham's Pinnacle Deluxe saddle, the "Deluxe" mean a little extra cash, but you get an extra inch of padding.
Hey Stumper, Have you tried hooking it up to the two lowest attachment points? It's way for comfortable and gives you a little lower center of gravity.
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The logistics of that would be overwhelming.....

Yeah..we'd need a student intern. The task would be to organize the collection/raising of a couple thousand to buy small/med/large of all the saddles, then coordinate the delivery of saddles to people.

You know, I sorta think it'd be worth the manufacturers to donate a couple saddles to us. It might get people in one of their saddles that they never would've tried on, or better yet, it might prevent someone from buying a $addle, then talking $#!+ about it...not because it's bad, but merely because it didn't fit them.

I'm already too busy. Anybody else interested?

MB, I have a bridge like stumper shows. Sometimes I clip in to the top clip in point, but usually to the bridge. I have my bridge set at the lower clip in points like wagnaw suggests.

I think it would be alot easier to just participate in a 'gear review' web site such as or
Wagnaw, Yes I did try the bridge in the lower attachment points.. in fact I tried it in every combination of attachment points. I didn't like it in the lower ones. Or the uppers. I settled where it felt best for me. This kind of illuistrates why people differ in their opinions about saddles and why the Master is such a versatile saddle-we are all different.
Both myself (butterfly 2) and my coworker (glide) have a tough time keeping the saddles from slipping.

Especially with big saws, I think suspenders may be the key.
whenever someone asks me what saddle to buy or what is the best I always tell them I dont know. Try it out then make your decision
The logistics of that would be overwhelming. But a cool idea, nonetheless.

I'm thinking about getting a Master, myself.
Butch, you can go both ways with the Buckingham Versatile. Meaning, you can make your climb line attachment slide or roll or you can have a fixed point with options on where clip in. IF you should ever decide to step outside the box & get all funky & use a split tail rig.

Just a note. If Buckingham would line the inside of of their saddles with ruff out leather as an option I would do it. These new hyper light saddles with nylon belts have the annoying tendency to twist on your torso.
My old leather lined belts never did this.
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Riverrat, send me your saddle and I'll sew a piece of leather on it for you!!!

I think you're on to something, though. I've only climbed on leather saddles a couple times...but not enough to say I know anything about them. I've always climbed on nylon saddles and I've always experienced saddle twist and just assumed that was the way it was and always would be....


Both myself (butterfly 2) and my coworker (glide) have a tough time keeping the saddles from slipping.

Especially with big saws, I think suspenders may be the key.
Suspenders yes, maybe. But saddle makers need to wake up & make use of some materials that are readily available & start lining the inside of the belts with it.

The belt sliding up & down & around ones body is completely unacceptable. I spoke of this in my write up at New Tribe.

The only reason not much is said about it is few of the up & comers have experienced anything different. There are many materials out there used on backpacks & other high wear outdoor stuff that could change this.
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Before you do it, I have to check. My sewing machine kicks ass...but I have to see if it can fit the saddle AND a reasonably strong piece of leather under the feed-dogs.

That would be cool if it works!

I got to try the Sequoia on today at Wespur, it is really comfortable. I wanted to take it to try out, but Sean said no way it was a sample only. I think that was code for "I'm using it this weekend" It looks like it would be great for srt. He says the will have them to sell by the end of Jan.
Butch, my experience with the master...

its a ball biter---- BIG TIME!

But then again, I AM Romanian
My Weaver was pretty comfy at times.

Though I do miss the leather,
there is something to be said about the leather's support.